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Thank you so much for creating a fanwork for me! I'm sure I will love it anyways, but here are some details about what I like/dislike, in case you like to do your research.

First off, I would rather receive a work that the creator was enthusiastic about than one that fulfilled every detail of my request. These are guidelines meant to help you, not to cage you.

I am open to both plot-driven stories and character pieces. Porn is fine, but I am OK with stories without sex! I generally prefer lighthearted stories. That said, I love good angst - as long as it ends happily. No 'hurt' without 'comfort'. So no pain-filled death stories, pretty please. I love romantic stories, but I need realism even in my mush.

I like stories with: amnesia, action/adventure, alternative universes, banter, capture and rescue, competence, crossover, dominance and submission, the edge between civilization and the unknown, formation of friendship, history affecting the present, humour, hurt/comfort, longing, matchmakers, love or friendship expressed in atypical ways, moral ambiguity, attraction between opposites, outsider POV, people telling stories, people who have each other's backs, people who flat out like each other's company, people suffering stoically, power exchange, people being resolute, secret identity (or lack of it), strong and competent characters, sense memory, time travel, traveling.

Though it seems unlikely, if you have not yet given up on my rambling and want to research me more, I've told more about what I like here.

Seriously, if you go the AU route-- or just in general-- please don't worry too much about making everything fit exactly into canon. I am *not* going to be super-picky about what happened when, or which characters were doing what during whatever event.

I don't particularly like: mpreg, soul-bonding or "destiny" in terms of romance, excessive possessiveness and/or jealousy portrayed as healthy or romantic, "we're not gay we just love each other," first person narration, graphic violence, torture, deathfic, heavy illness (e.g. cancer or AIDS), rape/noncon, unrelenting angst, hardcore kink, self-harm, incest or faux-incest, religion bashing, major public embarrassment, and/or female-character-bashing-- including dialogues like "Don't be such a girl," and so on.

Here are the six fandoms I have requested, with prompts and extended details.

Fandom: Schizonauts
Characters: Any
Request: Anything would be great! I'm totally okay with gen, het, femslash and slash. I don't mind death fics for this fandom. I find the premise that agents sent by paranoid AI undercover taking faulty drug and geting another self darkly fascinating and has great potential for exploration of memory, identity crisis, secret, allegation, institutional mind control and paranoia. I willl really want to read about chracters dealing with their dubious memory and identity, the psychological horror of mind control, or what drives the thief to steal the key in the first place. I really like psychological horror and existential terror, but I will prefer no graphical depiction of torture and rape

About the fandom: "Philip K. Dick's Cops and Robbers: The RPG."
Summary: "The nation is on the brink of financial ruin. Only you, the schizonauts - government agents on mnemonic drugs designed by a faulty A.I. - have any chance of finding and stopping the criminals, halting the death of the national economy. But what if the criminals turn out to be you?"
Schizonauts is a 39-pages free tabletop rpg set in a disorienting world of cops and criminals and intelligence and disinformation. Here, it's not so much ``what is reality?'' as ``whose reality are we talking about?'' There are a lot of potential for identity porn, mind fuck and intrigue
The link to canon -

Fandom: Don't Rest Your Head
Characters: Any
Request: Anything would be great! I'm totally okay with gen, het, femslash and slash. I don't mind death fics for this fandom. I really find Mad City fascinating, with strange and twisted monsters roaming the landscape and the idea of madness-induced superpower intriguing. Anything from exploration of the self-destructiveness of obsession to superpower fight with uncanny monsters is fine to me, and please feel free to make up monsters you like. I will really like to see how the characters are driven here by their obsession and their quest to fulfill them, with the impending danger of a fate worse than death. I am aware that the depiction of mental illness is not realistic here, but I am not interested in fic that deconstructs or rectifies that. I am more for dark humour, horror and characters going out in flames here

About the fandom:
Don't Rest Your Head is a tabletop rpg game where the player characters are all insomniac with superpowers, fighting—and using—exhaustion and madness to stay alive and awake for just one more night in a reality gone way wrong called the Mad City. The setting is like The Phantom Tollbooth meets Dark City and Neverwhere. I reallly love the dark fantasy setting, and the exploration of all-consuming obsession
1. The official page with links to actual play and review:
2. Don't Rest Your Head is sold at USD$5 here: Here is a free introduction scenario so you can have a try:
3. Actual play podcast:
4. Possible examples of madness induced superpower:

Fandom: Cthulhu's angels
Characters: Any
Link to the canon:

I always love cosmic horror and really like the idea that Cthulhu wants a post-roll-for-san-loss future for the species, a Humanity sufficiently evolved so ordinary cosmic realities don't shatter our tiny minds anymore and recruits agents for covert occult ops. I like characters going on missions to expose the truth, experimenting with transhumanity or saving life from unsavoury parties waging from Men in Black to Mi-go. I also like when the characters struggle with the doubt, the danger, the horror and can only lean on each other. Any rating and genre is fine. I don't mind deathfic for this fandom but I will prefer no graphical depiction of torture and rape

About the fandom:

I really like alternative interpretation of Cthulhu's Mytho, characters on a quest to discover and disclose the dangerous truth, the horror of the knowledge of your huge price to pay for and not even without certainty whether you do the right thing, the benevolent yet utterly alien benefactor and the potential for action. 

Fandom: Cable and Deadpool
Nathan Summers (Cable and Deadpool)
Wade Wilson (Cable and Deadpool)

Request: I really like the dark humour, wise crack and action in the comics, and I find the unlikely friendship between Cable and Deadpool fascinating. So basically I want more of the action/adventure, dramatic fight and crack. It is all right whether you choose to ship Cable and Deadpool in the fic, but I will prefer them not paired with other people. I know it has an inaccurate presentation of metal illness but that I am not interested in fic that deconstructs or rectifies that. I want dark humour and action, that keeps the same tone as the canon, flaws and all. I will prefer no death, rape and the violence to keep to typical canon level.

About the fandom: Cable and Deadpool is a 50-issue Marvel comics series with an unlikely duo: Deadpool, a moter-mouth fourth-wall-breaking mentally unstable mercenary Deadpool and Cable, a ridiculously powerful future super soldier with a massive messiah complex.It is a really fun comedy ripped with action. I really like their devotion to each other and how complex their characters are. Deadpool is hilarious yet competent and sad while Cable is given a heart and even some wit to counter his serious nature.

Fandom: Goblin Market - Christina Rossetti
Laura (Goblin Market)
Lizzie (Goblin Market)

Request: I really find the atmosphere and the goblins really creepy, and I like that the salvation comes from the love of the sister. I'd really like a fic that explores how they try to rebuild their life after the traumatic experience, a fic that goes into their mind during the events of the poem, or a fic focusing on their relationship and how it may change after that. I will be intrigued if you write them in a romantic way (preferably with angst and dirty wrongness), but it is perfectly all right if you don't write incest. I will prefer no major character death, graphical depiction of rape, or domestic abuse

About the fandom: I really like the evocative imagery, the musical diction, the creepy goblins, the theme of womanly solidarity and the hinted eroticism, and how wide it lends to interpretation. Link to the poem:

Fandom: 画皮 | Painted Skin (Movies)

小唯 | Xiaowei
靖公主 | Princess Jing

Request: I really like how femslashy the film is: the strong bond between Jing and Xiaowei and how Xiaowei is willing to sacrifice herself for Jing so anything focusing on their relationship would be great! I'm totally okay with gen, or femslash. I like story focusing on friendship, or first times, and established relationships. Any rating is ok. I like stories both set during or after the movie, and it will be great if you can write an alternate ending where they get together. Anything ranging from Character study, action to romance is great. No rape and major character death fic please

About the fandom: I really like Painted Skin: The Resurrection, where my requested characters come from. I really like how strong yet vulnerable Jing is, and I really love how dangerous yet self-sacrificing Xiao Wai is. The sexual chemistry between them is realy striking. I really want more of that.
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