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Thank you so much for creating a fanwork for me! I'm sure I will love it anyways, but here are some details about what I like/dislike, in case you like to do your research.

For Fanfic: I like stories with: the edge between civilization and the unknown, formation of friendship, history affecting the present, moral ambiguity, outsider POV, people telling stories, people who have each other's backs, people who flat out like each other's company, people suffering stoically, power exchange, people being resolute, secret identity (or lack of it), strong and competent characters, sense memory, traveling, people rebuilding their life or adapting to their present situation,
I don't particularly like: mpreg, soul-bonding or "destiny" played straight, graphic violence, torture, detailed depiction of death, heavy illness (e.g. cancer or AIDS), rape/noncon, unrelenting angst, self-harm, incest or faux-incest, religion bashing, major public embarrassment, and/or female-character-bashing-- including dialogues like "Don't be such a girl," and so on.
Though it seems unlikely, if you have not yet given up on my rambling and want to research me more, I've told more about what I like here.
For Art: I like fanart a lot, but I don't know how to prompt for it, so please ignore my prompts if you find them unworkable. Generally, I like characters being close, snapshots of a scene, costume porn. I really love interestingly and/or unusually lit scenes, picture with a specific colour scheme, and I like a wide variety of styles, from photo realistic, pictures with intricate details, to a minimalist style. Anything which explores the world would be much appreciated.

Art specific dislike: Caricatures, flashing gifs, neon colors, explicit porn, gore and violence

For meta: anything from academic papers, news papers cutting, travel/series guides, letters, documents, reviews, commentaries, or something I haven't thought about is great.

Fandom: Star Trek: The Original Series
Characters: Uhura (Star Trek: The Original Series) Sulu (Star Trek: The Original Series) James T. Kirk (Star Trek: The Original Series) Spock (Star Trek: The Original Series) Original Character(s) (Star Trek: The Original Series) No Characters (Star Trek: The Original Series) Montgomery "Scotty" Scott (Star Trek: The Original Series)

Type: Fanart Fanfiction Meta
I love this show for its optimism and idealism, that it tries to ask insightful questions and explore social issues, and implication of a wide universe from the Earth, and I would like to know more. Please feel free to use any canon and original characters, no characters if appropriate.
DNW: I really hate the popular notion of Kirk as a reckless cowboy who goes against the rule and a loose cannon, While it's totally fine to criticize him, please avoid this reference to the stereotype.

Worldbuilding: Vulcan Literature and Art (Star Trek: The Original Series):
How does the constant war in pre-reform period shape its literature and art? For example, what are their war songs like? Do they have literature/folk songs/etc that bemoan the impact of wars? How do their telepathy, language features and physical environment shape the common literary technique and devices? What kind of metaphor / symbols /technique are common? What kind of visual or performance art do they develop? Does different areas or period develop different taste in art and literature? Do they develop art and literature form unique to their culture, and if so, what’re they like? An in-universe literary or art analysis, history, or reviews are great too

How does Surak’s reform shape the attitude and practice in art and literature? Do new art and literature rise because of the reform? Do people adapt old format for new content? Do some art and literature go underground / banned / forgotten, and what are they like? How do Vulcans rate their art and literature? Are there different attitudes towards different forms?

Worldbuilding: Politics and Diplomacy (Star Trek: The Original Series)
While I am interested in the political implication and consequence of canon events, e.g. the aftermath of the Journey to Babel, further discussion of cooperation with native life after Devil in the Dark, the Enterprise and her crew as a political symbol, it’s also great if you explore beyond that.
Politics: I like how Journey to the Babel hints of interplanetary diplomacy and concern beyond the Earth and I want more. How does politics work on different level? Who have a bigger say in Federation? What kind of alliance and rivalry is common, and what's the public opinion of the politicians? If you want more prompt, what about a typical working day of a politician / government employee? How is the election day? What kind of political satire /propaganda exist?
Diplomacy: How are diplomatic staff trained and chosen? What are their typical day like? Any blunder, popular wisdom or struggle do they face? What kind of agenda do diplomats from different planets promote? What’re the attitude towards other planets and the Federation? How does a planet become a Federation member? How does Prime Directive develop?

Worldbuilding: Non-human culture (Star Trek: The Original Series)
I love Star Trek because it shows a future that even the dreaded alien enemy can be friends in the future, and I also love how imaginative some aliens are. So go wild with the established member planets, the aliens we glimpse during the course of canon, or introduce new aliens! Tell me what they love, fear, aspire and create. Tell me what they consume me for sustenance, their festival and celebrations, their burial practices, their trade and history, just anything. An outsider’s pov to understand (or fail to understand ) the cultures are good too. I haven’t read much tie in novels, so any reference to them will go over my head.

Worldbuilding: Military (Star Trek: The Original Series):
I am interested in Starfleet's daily operation, training, the members’ daily life, logistics, command of chain, and anything related, as well as the military of other planets. Military analysis from outsider’s POV will be good too. How are the canon events in the show and movies perceived by the miliary personels? Do they affect future training and protocols? Why does uniforms change in-universe? What kind of technology advance does it make?

Worldbuilding: Languages and literature (Star Trek: The Original Series):
Linguistic: I love sociolinguistic, so I'll be equally interested in how the roundness of vowels reflect social class on Andoria, the social register in Tellarite, or the consonant shift in urban Vulcan areas. Other prompts: how do the linguists create an interplanetary linguistic alphabets? How does the universal translator work? What is the phonology, phonetics and grammar of any language you want to explore?

Literature: I use a pretty wide definition for literature here, so I will be fine with snippets of poems, novels, plays, the 23rd century equivalence to internet memes, or other things I haven’t thought of, commentary and review, essay and analysis of literature from anywhere.

Worldbuilding: Alien technology and artefacts (Star Trek: The Original Series)
I’m fascinated by the various alien technology and artefacts that exist in the Star Trek universe. For example, Who builds the Guardian of Forever and why? What is the civilization like that creates the planet killers? How does Nomad come into existence and what is it thinking in the episode? I really love AI, robots and computers, but I will be fascinated by other kind of technology and artefacts.
Moreover, I would like to know if there are protocols for dealing with and cataloguing them. (I imagine the job will be a nightmare.) Are they reverse-engineered or re-purposed? What are the theories about them in universe? Does Scotty write a paper on the engineering based on his encounter with alien technology? Basically I want to geek out with the tech and the implication of their use.

Fandom: Star Trek: Mirror Universe


Characters: No Characters (Star Trek: Mirror Universe) Original Character(s) (Star Trek: Mirror Universe) Mirror Spock (Star Trek: Mirror Universe) Mirror James T. Kirk (Star Trek: Mirror Universe)

Genre: Fanfiction Meta Fanart

I find the mirror universe interesting, as a possible path the regular universe may tread. It's perfectly fine if you want to explore dark themes existed or implied in the canon, for example, brainwashing, colonization, people doing evil things for profit or just because, but please no rape/noncon, graphic depiction of violence and torture,


Worldbuilding: Vulcan (Star Trek: Mirror Universe):

While I think Star trek: Enterprise’s depiction of mirror!Vulcan is inconsistent with Mirror, Mirror, where a mention of Vulcan operatives will make bloodthirsty Sulu back off, I am willing to be convinced otherwise. How is mirror Vulcan different from or similar to the regular one? Does the conception of Spock have more political significance in mirror universe? What are those Vulcan operatives like? What's the fate and teaching of mirror!Surak? What's the role of Vulcan in the Empire and the coming rebellion?

Worldbuilding: Rebellion against the Alliance and the Empire (Star Trek: Mirror Universe)

How do the rebellions recruit new members? Who are the rebels and why do they join? What do they do on a typical (or non-typical) day? What’s the outsider’s and historical perspective of the rebellions and the rebels? What do depiction of historical analysis of Spock and his rebellion look like? What kind of propaganda/news do rebels and the opposite sides spread? What’s the aftermath of the rebellion we see in DS9?

Worldbuilding: Politics and intrigue (Star Trek: Mirror Universe)

Who is considered a citizen, with the rights and privileges thereof? What are those rights and privileges and what responsibilities go along with them? Are there second classes of people Why? How do people advance in status? How much resistance is there to someone advancing in social status? How is succession of rulers decided? What kind of propaganda does the government produce? What are the main powers in the politics?

How much power does the central government have on its subjects and other planets? Do relations between planets depend mainly on the relations between the heads of state, or can two rulers hate each other’s guts without being able to just declare war and drag their countries into it?

Are there times when people are expected to fast, or feast ? Are there occasions when the ruler is expected to provide a celebration or spectacle for the people to enjoy? What are they like?

Worldbuilding: Military (Star Trek: Mirror Universe)

How does the ISS military get things done with the Klingon assassination policy? Are there an elite group affiliated with the regular military and what‘s their relationship? How much formal spying and intelligence gathering is done by the military, or are they spied on by other parties? What’s their role in the politics? How is the military revamped when the politics change? What’s a typical day in the military look like? Do they have different uniforms for different occasions and what do they look like?


Fandom: Imperial Steam & Light Series - James Ng


Characters: No Characters (Imperial Steam & Light series) Original character(s) (Imperial Steam & Light series) Imperial Sheriff (Imperial Steam & Light series) Imperial Inventor (Imperial Steam & Light series) Immortal Empress (Imperial Steam & Light series) Crystal Herbalist (Imperial Steam & Light series)

Type: Fanart Fanfiction Meta

Imperial Steamworks Series (paintings) is an art series that imagines an Imperial China which developed steam tech. (Link)

I love steampunk and Chinese history, and I love the cast of characters and things depicted so far. Anything that explores the world will be great, and please feel free to use any characters, original characters or none at all when it fits. Historical records, analysis, documents, outsiders’ observation reports… you can go wild with what you’d like.

Worldbuilding: Technology and invention (Imperial Steam & Light Series)

How does the technology shapes life in this China? What kind of new technology are developed and how are they used? What kind of orders do Imperial Inventor and his peers follow? Are there local craftsmen and what do they do? What kind of potion and discovery does Crystal Herbalist make? What kind of diagrams, manuals and encyclopedia can be found?

Worldbuilding: Religion and philosophy: (Imperial Steam & Light Series)

How do religion and philosophies deal with an immortal empress and the changes in life? Do new religious beliefs and philosophy come out? How does the concept of divine right of rulers change and fit the new reality? What kind of thinkers and religious leaders are here, and what about the folk religions/worship/ritual and celebration?

Worldbuilding: Entertainment and literature (Imperial Steam & Light Series)

How does technology advance shape people’s entertainment and literature? Are there robot poets and painters other than the robot court bands? What kind of shows, art and crafts do people enjoy? How do writers and artists incorporate the new technology into their creation? What forms are invented or forgotten?

Worldbuilding: Daily life of ordinary people: (Imperial Steam & Light Series)

How do ordinary people feel about technology? Non-humans? How ready are they to accept different ideas? How cosmopolitan are they? What is their routine like? What are their homes like? In what ways does furniture design reflect the customs and lifestyle of the people? How do people cope with various disasters? How common are such disasters? What do people wear? What’s the fashion and regulation? What do they eat daily, on festivals and events, or when they want to try something new and exotic?

Worldbuilding: Crime and punishment: (Imperial Steam & Light Series)

What are the underworld and secret societies like? What does a typical day of an Imperial policeman look like? What are considered normal and legal ways of gathering evidence and determining guilt, and the corresponding punishments? What kind of crimes are common? What are the unspoken rule and slangs? How has the presence of technology affected law and government? What personal weapons are available to anyone who can afford them?


Fandom: Planescape


Characters: No Characters (Planescape) Original Character(s) (Planescape) Lady of Pain (Planescape)

Type: Fanart Fanfiction Meta

I love how weird and deeply philosophical Planescape is, that you can spend one day on a dungeon crawl and the next embroiled in a deep philosophical discussion about the nature of man, or possibly talk someone into (or out of) existence if you’re persuasive enough, that you can go to every other place in the universe from Sigil. Even if you never leave the city, Sigil is downright amazing. You can encounter all of those crazy high level Outsider type monsters just drinking in bars and going shopping, and the different factions are fascinating.

Worldbuilding: Cosmology

I love that while every plane has an alignment and a philosophy, there are other philosophies that fit with those alignments. and no one is more true than others, and the planes are so weird. Tell me more about the planars and their lives, the different philosophy and sects vying for more followers, and more exploration of the planar features. What will the travel guides and posters look like?


Worldbuilding: Life in Sigil

Sigil is amazing. You can encounter all of those crazy high level Outsider type monsters just drinking in bars and going shopping. There are theatres that showcase all kind of sensation, court lawyers that can bend the rules of the reality and cute robots as servants of order. Tell me more about the life of Sigil. What kind of people and places can you find? What is the nightlife like? What kind of celebration/fest/parade/public events are held? Are there guides catered to newcomers? What's the mass media like?


Entertainment and literature

What kind of shows/performance/art can you find in Sigil? What's in fashion now? Do people draw graffiti and street art, and what are they like? What kind of things do they write? Are there specific literary/arm forms that only certain species/factions produce and appreciate? What kind of stories do they tell?


Worldbuilding: Factions

I love how philosophy is a way of life in Planescape. Factions in Planescapes are distinctive, and different sects can develop within a faction because of different interpretation of the philosophy. Tell me a day in different faction member's lives. How do factions recruit new members? How do they compete with each other and for what? What is the public perception of the factions, or viewed by others? What kind of people are significant/upstart/controversial among them? How does the philosophy change and shape the members' and Sigil's life?


Fandom: Changeling: The Lost


No Characters (Changeling: The Lost) Original Character(s) (Changeling: The Lost)

Fanart Fanfiction Meta

Changeling the Lost is a tabletop game setting published by White Wolf, in which the characters escaped from being abducted by faes for a fate worse from death, but forever altered by the abduction, both physically and psychologically. With their former lives replaced by doubles left in their place, they need to rebuild and adapt to life where it is no longer familiar, and different factions have different views what to do next. Meanwhile, no one knows if a fae will be after them.

link to wiki:

Basic introduction:

I really love this game setting, because I am a junkie for people rebuilding their lives and adapting to permanent loss, interesting power and magic concepts, inhuman antagonists and the hinted wider weird world so please feel free to explore it!. I love exploration of dark and disturbing issues and psychological horror, but please no rape/nocon, graphic depiction of violence and torture.

Worldbuilding: Rebuilding lives after escape from Fae (Changeling: The Lost)

How do the changelings blend in a society when their whole identities are stolen? What kind of jobs / shelter/ etc can they take to survive ? How does the changeling community reach out to new changelings? What kind of support they may get and what's the price? Are there support groups for changelings? Do they have a black market?

Worldbuilding: Politics and Intrigue (Changeling: The Lost)

What are the courts’ origins? Why and how are they formed this way? What are the benefits and disadvantage of being a member? Are there other forms of community governance? How is power distributed? How does one advance in status? What happens when some members don’t agree? How is succession decided? How do they maintain their power and order? What's the relationship between the changeling communities? Are there obligatory celebration/rituals/events, and if so, what are they?


Worldbuilding: myth & folklore & urban legends (Changeling: The Lost)

I love lores, myths, and urban legends, as they show the history and chief concern of a community, and I’m really interested in what kind of stories are told, spread, and changed during transmission among the changelings. What kind of legends may the changeling tell? What kind of value do they reflect? What kind of caution tales do they have? What kind of conspiracy theories do they have about fae and the world in general? Do they have any taboos or rituals? What kind of rumours spread among them? Does anyone try to disapprove the myths or actively spread more myths to others? Do they have unique religions/spiritual beliefs? How much a part do real life belief play in their public and private lives?


Worldbuilding: Goblin Market (Changeling: The Lost)

What kind of things do they sell? What are the rules of different markets? Where do their goods come from, and what kind of merchants and other people can be found there? What are different goblin markets like, and how are their relationship to the changelings and faes? Is there a “trade language” that facilitates commerce between different parties? How much do official attitudes toward goblin markets affect the trade? How is business organized? How do they advertise?

Worldbuilding: Changeling abilities (Changeling: The Lost)

I have all the companions books, so please feel free to explore any seeming/kiths/contract you find interesting, or mix and match to create your own. Show me how changelings use their power and contracts in different situations, mundane or battle or others. How do they explore and control their abilities? Are there manuals or training materials? What happens when mishaps happen? How do the abilities affect their owners? How do they understand their abilities in universe?



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