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Feb. 6th, 2013

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Ult. Steve Rogers

Steve Rogers grew up in Brooklyn during the Great Depression, a scrawny kid protected from neighborhood bullies by his best friend "Bucky" Barnes. He was determined to join the WWII war effort because he was horrified by newsreel footage of the Nazis in Europe, only to be rejected again and again. Finally he was given a chance to be the first American super soldier. He was presumed dead when he fell into the sea successfully stopping a Nazis bomb in mid-air. Then he was discovered in modern time and was invited to join the Ultimates superhero team.

Steve 's a man out of his time, waking up in a strange world and lost almost all his links with his time, and he wasn't exactly received with a warm welcome here. He has a quick temper, stubborn and is as harsh as his New York accent, but he's also willing to sacrifice his life for the country. He's courageous and loyal to his friends. Fundamentally he's a good and smart person, but he has lost enough that he was wary about people. He loves his country and is idealistic about it, but he's not  mindless about it. He has flaws and an idiosyncratic moral, but he always try to do the good things. And I love him for that.



snowynight: An Asian doctor who's also Captain America (Default)

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