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Feb. 21st, 2013

snowynight: An Asian doctor who's also Captain America (Default)
I don't want to type any more. Even effort to make me lift my fingers to type seems to be too much for me. But there're thousand miles to go, thousand miles to go. My brain yearns for a shut down. But no, even yearning takes too much effort. I'm totally apathetic to everything around me. Nothing matters any more, any more.

Exhaustion can be mental or physical. Your muscles refuse to perform any more, even when your brain will it. You hear a cry for help, but you have been saving and losing people for too long, you just don't care any more. The cause of exhaustion can be undersleep, intense physical or mental exercises or diseases. Rest can relieve fatique, but usually our beloved characters never get a break from it any way. It's a miracle most have the energy to open their eyes, face the next morning and think of the tasks they need to do. It can also be used to great effect in hurt/comfort fic, to examine the real consequence of the continuous stress they endured in canon, to make them feel more real. After all, we all feel exhaustion some time in our lives.

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snowynight: An Asian doctor who's also Captain America (Default)

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