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1. Kudos

"Kudos" is a turn-based life simulation game, where you control one character during their 20s. You can pick and advance in your career, earn points as you climb up on the social ladder and try new things. You can make friends and start romantic relationship. It's very addictive as it's very open-ended and also challenging because you have to balance friendship, job, and classes. When your attributes are not enough, some new people you know are snobs and will turn you down, and they have different effect on you. My most memorable character trains to be a doctor then has a midlife crisis and wants to change her career to be a guitarist. (Very hard, I tell you.)

2. Cute Knight

In Cute Knight, you plays an orphan girl who develops herself through working, going to classes, meeting people and adventuring. There're a lot of endings and I love the simple game play, though the art can be better. I remember the time I tried all the endings.

3. Academagia

In the game you plays a new student of a magic school and you spends your learning skills, making friends and having adventure. This simple sentence is really not enough to convey the massive world building, the load and load of colourful NPC and the variety of paths you can go. It's very challenging to a casual gamer like me because I spent the first two time being expelled from school.

4. Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale
In Recettear, you plays the often overlooked character in a RPG game, a shop owner. Facing the heavy debt, Recettear has to run her shop with the help of the loan shark fairy. I love all the characters, the shop management and the only thing that's a bit too challenging for me is to go real time adventuring in maze.

5. Prince Maker 3
It's a free computer game made in China and what a game! In this game, you play the guardian of a candidate to the king of three races and there're secrets behind the candidate and even the character you control. The plot is amazing, the characters are all attractive and really I like everything about it. My only regret is: why aren't there more fanfic about the game?
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禁色 Forbidden Colour (Sung by Wong Yiu ming and Ho wengsi)
The song was originally made in response to the time that homosexuality was still criminalized in Hong Kong and it was also sung to support the protestors of Tian An Men Incident. I think the video adds more layers to the song. I translated the lyric here.

music video )

紅 Red (Sung by Leslie Cheung 張國榮) The video at the time it was first broadcasted was so controversial that it could only be played at midnight, and it was the most memorable video to me.
music video )

Any Band (sung by BoA, Xiah Junsu of TVXQ, Tablo, and jazz pianist Jin Bora.)
I really like the dystopia and the characters featured in the video.
music video )
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Chen Yee Jing 陳綺貞 is a Taiwan singer-song writer. She writes her songs with philosophical lyrics and plays them with great guitar. She is an indie singer and insists on her way of making music and interacting with her fans.
Here's one of her song, The Meaning of Travel, 旅行的意義
music video )
Ingrid Michaelson is a New York-based singer-song writer. I like her music with simple rhythm in contrast to her meaningful lyrics. My favourite song of hers is Be OK, with a charming rhythm and dark lyrics.
music video )
梅艷芳 Anita Mui Yim-fong was a legend both in singing and acting. She revolutionized Hong Kong music with her wild dancing and onstage performance. A diva comparable to Madonna in Hong Kong, she already left the world due to cancer. Here's one of her classical song: Time Passes like River 似水流年
music video )

Vienna Teng is a San Francisco-based song writer and singer. She has a heavenly voice and her piano playing is great. Her newest album shows a great variety of harmonies and song style. Here's one of her newest song: Antebellum
music video )
Dar Williams is an American singer-songwriter specializing in pop folk. I like her folk style and hyper-literate lyrics. Her melodies are evocative and lively. Here's Alleluia, which introduced me to this singer. music video )
Loreena McKennitt is is a Canadian singer, composer, harpist, accordionist and pianist who writes, records and performs world music with Celtic and Middle Eastern themes. Her voice brings me to an older time and is a well match to her songs.
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Mattie Ross (True Grit by Charles Portis)

I read the story when I was very young, so I forgot most of the plot. I still remember being impressed by her courage and independence, in the Western time even.

Relena Darlian (Gundam Wing)

I like her growth from a poor rich girl to a political leader who can die for her ideal. I like that she knows what she wants to do and keep on despite the odd. She 's a pacifist and I like that.

Karin Takakura (Harukanaru Toki no Naka de 2)
Karin Takakura is pretty much the Unchosen. Summoned to a strange world, no one believes her as the chosen one but she still works hard to save this world. I find her admirable.

Deeba (Un Lun Dun)
Deeba's the trope codifier of Unchosen. She's smart and willing to go beyond the boundary set by the others for her.

Yakushiji Ryōko (Yakushiji Ryōko no Kaiki Jikenbo)
Yakushiji Ryōko is smart, competent as well and she knows it. I lover her being unconcerned about what the others see her and she's so lively.
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The Secret Diary of Doctor Watson (Sherlock Holmes, Holmes/Watson, R) Once upon a time, a Sherlock Holmes fan stumbled on the translated version of this story, and stumble on the no return road of slash. I vaguely remember the sense of claustrophobia and internalized homophobia

Bitter Glass (Star Trek: the Original series, Kirk/Spock, PG) It's a very moving story as it shows even the strongest friendship can drift apart with the minor things in life. The story ends in hope.

Ephemeris (Harry Potter, Remus/Sirius) It's what I imagine Remus/Sirius post Azkarban to be: tired, tense, but the love's still here.

The Man Who Rose From Earth (Stargate Atlantis, Mckay/Sheppard) It teaches me that fic with cracktastic premise can be beautiful and haunting.

falling on a grenade (Marvel comics - Avengers, Steve/Tony one sided) It's brave story, and it hurts so much. I can see them like that in canon.
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{Take the 100 Things challenge!}

Deuk Deuk Tong
Deuk Deuk Tong )

Hong Kong style waffle
Hong Kong style waffle )

Baked sweet potato
Baked sweet potato )

Stinky Tofu

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Put Chai Ko

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