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Currently reading: Theories Of Personality by David Lester
I like the system approach to present Freud (theory of motivation), Kelly (theory of cognition) and the holistic approach to personality psychology in a modern and rational way, and how he shows many psychologists absent in text books that actually complement, modify and elaborate on the main streams of psychology.

Currently reading: Fan Fiction and Fan Communities in the Age of the Internet: New Essays, edited by Karen Hellekson and Kristina Busse
I think this book is inspiring. I realize for the first time that the first lesbian fandom has been established as late as 1986, of a female buddy cop show Cagey and Lacey, which's the first show to be saved a letter campaign in the article tracing the history of media fandom. Different metaphors and contexts to understand fan fictions are suggested and I'm most interested in the one that sees fan fiction as a blend of text and performance. One of the essays gives me insight on why alpha/beta/omega gains popularity recently.

Currently listening: various Chinese Wind music (modern Chinese music that makes use of traditional music instrument e.g. di, er hu, melodies and classical poetry images in the lyrics) 
Harvest Sprouts by Hita is one of the songs that I listen to often. The music style recalls a traditional folk song and the lyrics is a response to a classical poem which mentions the angst of soldiers away from home.  Only that in Harvest Sprouts it tells the untold story of the soldiers' wives left at home.

Currently researching: academics paper on fan fiction and fandom
Discover that academics love football a lot . (One of them can be concluded as "Korean Women Save World Cup from Hooligans") Read a paper that celebrates dark fic as double resistance to both the canon and to the interpretative community.
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I have been to a camp and only returned just now. It was good. The organizers clearly paid lot off effort, I enjoyed the music and programs and everything, and the people there were nice.


So someone bought LOTRfanfiction and The Twilight Archives and intends to make money off them via SEO/advertising revenue. The OTW has posted on the issue. [personal profile] esteliel has more detail here

Journeys with Autism: On the Matter of Empathy

Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

LotR lego creation
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Things I am looking forward to:
Hickman's revamp of Ultimates in August. I really like his work in Ultimate Thor and I'm confident that he'd do a great job.
Tabletop RPG:
Tehnonoir: I like speculative fiction and the mechanic seems cool.
The Legend of Wuxia: I like Weapons of the God, so I think I 'll enjoy the wuxia rpg. (ETA: I mean Legends of the Wulin. Sorry)
Far West: Wuxia and steampunk are my weakness. I just hope that it won't have faily issues.


Have Your Cake and Eat It: A feminist perspective on baking
Artist buys cheap landscapes at yard sales, then paints monsters into them.
X-Men movies fic rec
Book rec/review: Delusions of Gender - Cordelia Fine, Ph.D.

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There're several awesome Marvel comics prompts on [community profile] scifi_fest, and the minimum word count is just 100 words!
[community profile] kink_bingo is having a new round soon and I'm tempted to join.

In which there is a fanfic meme.
1. Write down the names of 10 characters.
2. Write a fic of fifteen words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

1) Steve Rogers
2) Tony Stark
3) Luke Cage
4) Danny Rand
5) Misty Knight
6) Colleen Wing
7) Carol Danvers
8) Wanda Maximoff
9) Belle
10) Esmeralda

Prompts )
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  1. Do you want a lesbian buddy cop show? Do you want characters that are slashy with pretty much everyone on the show? Seek no more. Ladycops has all such properties. It only has one episode yet, but it only means more space to write fanfic, right? :)
  2. I write The path not taken, a Colleen-centric ficlet in a AU that Misty and Colleen were on the force.
  3. The web comics I'm following A Moment of Peace and Hero seemed to become a big wip. Sigh.
  4. Book Art…art carved out of books! And here's his website.


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  1. [community profile] dark_agenda has organized Kaleidoscope Fanwork Exchange to promote rare chromatic fandoms with chromatic characters. Decision. Decision.
  2. It seems that Marvel fandom is going weak in [community profile] femslash11 official nomination poll. If you want to see a presence of it, you can vote.
  3. There's a femslash Summer Advent Calendar. The minimum is 750 words. I'm thinking if I should join.
  4. I wrote a Vocaloid ficlet Boss Death based on this song.
  5. My looking in the AO3 reveals: Ladycops, a show within a show with a show, RPG fic (Exalted, Blue Rose, 7th Sea and of course D&D). They make me happy for their existence.
  6. I would really like to play a game that the characters are magical adapts who try to revive magic in the world while  trying to advance their own causes, or magical princess who need to overcome their darkness to guard the world they love.
  7. [community profile] ladiesbigbang looks good.

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  1. I write another Belle/Esmeralda that they 're both mages, just different kinds. Read it on AO3.
  2. Boss Death is a very good song, making an one-sided argument interesting. I keep wanting to write a RPG AU based on this song.
Here's a meme: a list of a hundred awesome female characters that I remember. (no specific order)Cut for the 100 awesome female characters )
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1.Someone answer my prompt! [personal profile] bessemerprocess write Same Old Thing It's the Mentalist End of Earth fic, with great characterization, a clever case and a world beyond the story.

2. A poem:
Hope by Emily Dickinson

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune--without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I've heard it in the chillest land,
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.

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  1. I'm eying[community profile] parallelsfic, a rare Asian based fanwork exchange. The word limit is just 500. But when I look at the nomination list, I am not optimistic. Too many names I don't know, :(
  2. A short ficlet: a pulpy Superhero AU Belle/Esmeralda: Heroine
  3.  Recently read the first 40 issues of Ult. X-Men. The first 30 are mint, then it becomes a Wolverine, Spiderman and Daredevil trio fight. Not yet deciding whether to get more. Love Beast/Storm though.

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 I find that I'm in a continuing trend to write Belle/Esmeralda. Well, they deserve much better than what the canon gives them and I like opposite attract pairing. The lack of canon means that I have more freedom to write. And it shows.

Title: Treasure
Fandom: Disney
Rating: General audience
Character/Pairing: Belle/Esmeralda
Summary: Another chapter of Belle and her companions' expedition to a lost ancient city, and Belle discovers something more too.
Warning: none
Note: It's a steampunk airship AU with asexual!Belle/Esmeralda. I try to remedy the lack in both AU and asexual characters in femslash.

Title: Brat
Fandom: Disney
Rating: General audience
Character/Pairing: Belle/Esmeralda
Summary: Esmeralda gives Belle a good spanking.
Warning: none
Note: It has spanking and is still g-rating.

Title: Dance
Fandom: Disney
Rating: General audience
Character/Pairing: Belle/Esmeralda
Summary: Esmeralda dances for Belle and herself.
Warning: none
Note: Another mild g-rated kink established relationship fic

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What I did for 3w4dw
  1. Translation of Chinese poetry: see the tag - translation: poetry
  2. original prompt fic. Prompt: A secret society you would least suspect would actually manage to take over the world.
  3. Chromatic icon set: Sailor Moon (1), (2) , Avatar: the last Airbender , Marvel comics
  4. Cap-im prompt fest: The first time Steve and Tony sleep without having sex

I wrote these fic in two days, in my continued procrastination:

Title: All of Play
Fandom: Marvel comics
Rating: Teenage and above audience
Character/Pairing: Colleen Wing and Misty Knight
Summary: Just another night of fight with Misty and Colleen as monster hunters.
Warning: none
Note: Set in the same AU with Monster Hunter. with the Heroes for Hire gang as supernatural-que monster hunters

Title: Tenderly
Fandom: Disney
Rating: General audience
Character/Pairing: Belle/Esmeralda
Summary: Belle has two love in her life: Books and Esmeralda.
Warning: none
Note: This comes from the fact that Belle appears in a shot in the film Hunchback of Notre Dame. Perhaps I should label it AU.

Title: Memory
Fandom: Marvel comics
Rating: General audience
Character/Pairing: Steve/Tony
Summary: Tony may forget this, but Steve doesn't. (Tony is an asexual.)
Warning: none
Note: written for the [community profile] asexual_fandom comment fic fest prompt: Any Fandom, Asexual character, amnesia

Title: Music
Fandom: Rg Veda
Rating: General audience
Character/Pairing: Sourma/Kendappa
Summary: A happier moment in Sourma and Kendappa's life
Warning: none
Note: Sourma/Kendappa is the first canonical female romantic relationship I read. I just don't expect the sudden impulse to read it.

May. 11th, 2011 07:00 pm


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When I'm discussing the lack of femslash in fandom, I'm enabled to hold a fest celebrating relationship between female-identified characters in canon. Well, it's very meaningful but......

ETA: I started [community profile] female_fest, a pan fandom fest celebrating female relationship. It's quite empty yet, but hopefully I'll add on tonight.

Do appreciate signal boost and help.
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1. I got a remix fic! A Maria Stark/Peggy Carter fic! I love it.
Title: Letters Never Sent (The Girls, Girls, Girls Remix)
Summary: In which Maria has goals independent of and intertwined with Howard Stark and Peggy Carter, figures out her sexuality, and writes a lot of letters to Grace Hopper.

2. charbdis remix my Uhura fic and write Of Youth (the morning calm remix). Go read it.!

3. I finished a bingo on genretwisting challenge.
Diplomacy (military sf)
Encounter (sit com)
(medieval fantasy)

4. I wrote a mini-meta: Unusual pairings and crossovers
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1. To finish the scifibigbang fic
2. To finish the auction fic.
3. Working hard.
4. Only after that think of trying another bigbang.
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1. The prompt masterlist of Gen in January is here. There is a number of Marvel comics prompts.
2. I start reading Ultimate vol. 1 and 2. I love the fast pace and the suspense. I love Ult. Tony and Jan. I find Thor fascinating. Skipping of sensitive issues help too.
3. Something in me want to write a cyberpunk high school AU. Let's see if I'll do it.

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1. I offer to write for Avengers and Heroes for Hire for the purple dove project here. Hopefully I can help in some way.
2. Because I am stupid, I forget that I am without internet access from 17/12-19/12 in my time zone. Luckily I have uploaded my Yuletide fic and prompt fic before, otherwise it will be panic time.
3. The fic I have been writing reaches over 5K. It would be the second longest thing I write. I wonder how many will be left after major editing.
4. Captain America: Man out of Time 002 comes out today! I am very excited.
Dec. 7th, 2010 03:39 pm

Daily thing

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1.I joined [community profile] market_roulette. Investing with paper money seems fun and better for my blood pressure than with real one.
2. My Tang Dynasty RPF/Iron Fist story still needs a plot, but I've written ~1000 words in it.

Dec. 1st, 2010 06:36 pm

Daily Thing

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1. I have finished both of my Yuletide fic but one is still waiting for a beta. 
2. To ease myself back into reading, I set a goal of at least five by the end of this month.
3. I kept to my goal of 300 daily words in November. Yay to myself.
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!. My fic only has a vague ending. I need plot.
2. Why do I only discover mininanowrimo on DW when it is already  29th November?
3. Trouble is my friend sounds good. I like her voice.


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