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Prompt: Combat scenarios

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Prompt: fight and / or making up (first)

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Prompt: rubbing

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Prompt: hazing

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Prompt: Mistaken Identity

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Title: We help the evil
Prompt: torture.
note: inspired by this post.

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Title: Dance
prompt: jealousy

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Title: Swan's song
prompt: singing
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Title: Camaraderie

prompt: silence

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Title: Waiting
Prompt: Hallucination/vision

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singing torture jealousy wings silence
artificial beings character death authority figures reading aloud enclosed spaces
distress (and rescue) long-lost love / friend FREE SPACE friend in need wooing / courtship
tickling fairy tales / folklore / mythology coming home resurrection romantic relationship (assumed)
epistolatory fic (emails, letters, etc) slavery character study hallucinations / visions time loops
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Title: Just your typical mission
Prompt: Social event - working place
Rating: General Audience
Content note: none

Summary: a superhero teamis sent on a seemingly routine mission, but nothing is simple in their world.
Introduction: The characters belong to the same superhuman unit. It is newly formed and the characters are inexperienced. As a team trust exercise, the team is sent on a routine surveillance mission. But when complication arises, everyone needs the whole wit and strength to survive.

The Spine: There are three acts in the story: the Briefing, the Lair and the Confrontation. The first act allows the characters to know more about each other. In the second act the characters arrive at the super villain 's lair.

The Briefing: Just before the mission briefing, the team leader will go over with the supervisor about the team and evaluate them. Meanwhile, the team recall previous missions they shared withe leader and each made an observation about the leader. It allows the characters to voice their concern and uncertainty about the others.  Then the briefing begins. The team is asked to survey a suspected supervillain 's lair. They are supposed to gather intelligence for further missions, not doing anything fancy.

The Lair: The lair is on an volcanic island on Pacific Oceans. Recent satellite scans show unusual level of human activity and the supervisor suspects that a new super villain has set up home here. In Act Two, the characters investigate the island. Clues on the island suggest that there may be something more at work here so the characters must explore the island. The question is, are the characters willing to trust a screaming marshmallow man and mysterious cave dribbling?

Confrontation: The characters do battle against someone they are not expected to see. It can overlap with Act two to let the doom hang over the characters if you want.
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On the one side of the mirror, I am an illusionist. I manipulate light and mind with a wave of my hand. Flowers boom from nothing, a tiger can turn into a woman, when you think you can find out my secret, you have already been in another trick.
On the other side, I am an engineer. I plan, I calculate to make every production come true on stage. Nothing can be left to chance. The timing must be right.
I walk on a tight rope, with a watchful audience and no safety net. But it is what makes magic addictive.

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Title: Dr Abby 's Advice Column
Rating: General Audience
Summary: Super people with relationship problem? Dr Abby is the person to ask.
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"There is a rose for me. But the card has no name. How strange." Kelly picked up the rose carefully and put it into a vase.
Her colleague Mary walked by and smiled "Oh, the secret admire strikes again."
Kelly stopped her action and turned to Mary. "What secret admirer?" She tried not to sound too curious. Mary can be teasing sometimes.
"You don't know? It is an office tradition. Every year a new colleague get a rose, no name attached. No one know who the admirer is. We would have suspected the boss, if she were not too practical for it."
"Weird. Did any one ask?"
"Some tried, but none succeeded. A paranoid colleague did chemical analysis on the rose. But it is just a plain ordinary rose."
"I would like to thank the generous person."
"Only thanks?" Mary winked at her. When Kelly glared at her, she relented. "OK. Time for work now. See you later."
Unknown to them, a computer blinked. "Job done." it signaled to its partner in accounting department..
"High five!." its partner messaged.
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Prompt: coming home

Lost Toys, Finding Home

A.N. I see the article here and want to elaborate it into a mini setting.


Lost Toys, Finding Home is a systemless fantasy RPG setting In this game you play one of the Lost Toy and start a journey to be Real. The Lost Toys may spend their time saving a child from nightmare, discovering hidden knowledge or getting the right tool for the right work. There are many ways for enlightenment. Not many can succeed. Some lose their dream and become cynics. Some die trying. But maybe some of those can reach the destination.

Character Generation (ripped off from here.)
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GM Section
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Author note: I see the disturbing vampire lore here and it inspires me.

For centuries vampires have been hunted down and burnt. Some unscrupulous people kept them as exotic slave. In WWII governments experimented on them and sent them on dirty missions.  in 1970's inspired by the civil right movement they came out and fought for their civil right. After protest, murder and mob violence, they now live in an uneasy truce with humans. Some people still think they are monsters and kill them, but there is legislation against it. Vampires are divided on their positions of the movement and the relationship with humanity. Some vampires prefer to keep their identity secret  and keep a low profile while others campaign for equality openly. Some vampures dream of having their own nations. Many prefer to keep the fact that vamprism is inheritable  secret because they want to keep them safe. Some vampire parents feel guilt for their children, and struggle to help them adapt. With a greater degree of integration, some seek to embrace their vamprism.

Margaret is a geneticist. She is working on discovering the  gene responsible for vamprism and developing a cure. She is friendly but mostly kept to herself.

"Why do you risk death?" I want to help people like me, to give them a choice to be normal and end the curse.

"What do you stand for?" The choice to be normal.

"What made you who you are?" When I was a teenager, one day I found myself unable to stand the sun light and had a thirst for blood. Then my father told me was because I inherited the vampiric heritage.  I was furious and shocked. I was a cheerleader team leader but what good was one that couldn't stand under the sun? It was then I read a lot about vampires and genetics. I want to know the cause of it and what can be done to help. It is what I am doing now.

"What is your fate?" I will develop a cure for vamprism, at all cost.

What do you think about Rachel? I love Rachel 's straight-forwardness and sacrastic humour. It is very refereshing to be with someone who dare tell her mind. I think transhumanism is bit immature now but who knows? With her stubborness and competence, she may achieve her dream one day.

Rachel is a cybernetics engineer. Her colleagues think she is a bit weird but most don't know that she is a vampire. She prefers this way. Her interest is transhumanism and her dream is to help build a future that vampires and humans grow beyond their bodies and discrimination. 

"Why do you risk death?" I fight for a future that sentient beings can coexist and transcend the limit forced on them by the Nature.

"What just happened?" Someone crashed into my lab and destroyed my research result.

"What do you stand for?" Transhumanism. That sentient beings can better themselves through the will and technology.

"What made you who you are?" I was bitten in the Great War. At first I searched for knowledge that could help turn me back, but then the advancement of technology gave me an idea. If vampires can not turn back, why not turn humans instead?

"What is your fate?" I am destined to make a breakthrough in cybernetics. I can feel it.

What do you think about Margaret? I met Margaret in a self defense class (I received threatening phone message and I didn't want to involve the police - they were useless anyway. ) I found out that we were both 1920's music fans so I asked her out for coffee. She was surprisingly intelligent and scientific-minded, which I liked. We have very different idea about the future of vampires but I must say the conversation is always very inspiring.

Rachel received an email today with a picture of Margaret staked in a room filling with water. She tried to contact Margaret but the phone is dead. Then she received mysterious phone call dictating conditions on setting her friend free. She decided to investigate.  Meanwhile, the clock was clicking...

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Prompt: stuffed animals
Rating: G
Content Notes/Warnings: none

"Mum, where are you?" Lin Lin shouted, holding her Teddy tight. The sound echoed in the dark street. She could have sworn Mum had walked down this way, but where was she now? The wind chilled her to shiver. She really should have put on a coat. But there was no time --- the wail of wind held her up for the night, and when she decided a glass of milk may help, got off the bed with Teddy, and went to the kitchen, she saw Mum drifting through a doorway that had never been here before. When Mum disappeared, Lin Lin rushed after her without second thought.

She walked and walked. Finally she saw a man in long coat with his back to her. She went to the man and asked politely. "Excuse me, sir. Did you see my Mum?"

The man turned around and Lin Lin looked up ---- The man had no face! Lin Lin screamed and run. She could hear the man chasing her. Not knowing the way, she was soon backed into a corner.

"Twist my arm." Teddy whispered. The man was about to grab her and she did what Teddy said.

The man screamed and collapsed. Lin Lin got out of there as fast as she could. "Thank you, Teddy. Is it hurt?" she asked.

"It is Okay. Now let's continue..." They walked silently toward the darker street.
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I have hope to hit 2 lines. To motivate myself, I post my casting for the main characters:
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