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1. Mage: the Ascension: Among the world of ignorant, you're awakened - see the world in its true light for the first time. And you have a target planted on your back. Can you achieve the legendary goal of ascension while escaping prosecution from the enemy? Players would be newly awakened adapts who try to advance themselves and their cause. System: Storytelling

2. Cog Wars: The status quo is an admonition. While the others choose to perish in silence, you choose to explode in silence. In a steampunk city, the players are rebels who need every bit of their wit and tactics to bring down the establishment and build a better world.. System: Cog Wars.

3. Perfect, Unrevised. It's a steampunk world - but none of this weird magic thing. Instead there are min-controlling police. You 're against the Man, and you know you need to pay some day.
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What happened if the charcters reach their destination? The GM and the players can brainstorm on the appropriate details for the Isle of Misfit. Here are some questions they may try to work on.
1. How does it fulfill your dream?
2. How does it actualize your fear?
3. What are the main aspects of the world?
4. What do you want to change about it?
5. What do you want to protect?

A sample world
I quite like the idea that you have to build your Heaven by yourself and the journey never ends. Therefore the sample world here still has conflict, trouble and crisis, waiting to be solved by the heroes.

The World of Ugadas

Rumours has it that it was once a paradise. There was rainbow every day and the toys could go freely at day and night. However, something went wrong. Maybe a magic spell went wrong. Maybe an experiment went explosive. All we know are that  monsters and malevolent spirits walk the Earth. War lords rose to power and the political landscape of the Isle is fractured. Here are three main countries.

Mech'noid: The nation of electronic toys, it boasts the highest level of technology. The ruler is chosen in a regular popularity contest. There are several clans who actively recruit and train aspiring candidates to consolidate their power. It is very important to look impressive and have good reputation so the citizens devote their time to improve themselves and be the next biggest star.
Silly: Popularity contest, reality show, the residents here may ask for a favour to finish a big project. The characters can try every outrageous mean to impress the right people.
Serious: Everything you do have an everlasting effect - as long as people remember it. The characters may be hired to erase evidence, smear others' reputation and promotion.
Dark: What do the spare parts the residents use to improve themselves come from? Where do the unpopular toys go? Save your brethern, and try to survive

Anim'll: Stuffed animals and dolls live side by side in this nation. The residents here are usually magical and some theorize that it is because of their resemblance with the living creatures. Anim'll is an aristocracy and dolls dominates government positions. Both side think they are superior to the other.
Silly: The dolls are kind of snobbish and the animals brash. They may play silly prank on each other but all is forgiven afterward.
Serious: The animals are fed up with lack of representation and start an underground movement for civil right.
Dark: The social gap is so deep that a revolution seems inevitable.

Construct: This nation has the widest variety of citizens: construction toys, education toys, executive toys, puzzles, and others that can't fit in the other two nations. It is a unitary republic. Some citizens have an mindset so alien that even their neighbours can't understand. Perhaps it is why they have the higherest chance of psionic and superpowers.

The Place for Adventure
Sixkirkerlent: a coastal trade centre which has great strategy importance. It is a principality where the citizens are mainly vehicle. It  is considered noteworthy for its monument to a fallen hero. Tourism is a big business here. Construct believe that it should come under its rule because they share the most charactersitics. Mech'noid argue that Sixkirkerlent surely fit more in a country that values innovation. Anim'll wants to get the cool cars. Spy, soldiers and tinkerers from three nations can be found in the city.
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Prompt: coming home

Lost Toys, Finding Home

A.N. I see the article here and want to elaborate it into a mini setting.


Lost Toys, Finding Home is a systemless fantasy RPG setting In this game you play one of the Lost Toy and start a journey to be Real. The Lost Toys may spend their time saving a child from nightmare, discovering hidden knowledge or getting the right tool for the right work. There are many ways for enlightenment. Not many can succeed. Some lose their dream and become cynics. Some die trying. But maybe some of those can reach the destination.

Character Generation (ripped off from here.)
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GM Section
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I love tabletop rpg games though I rarely have chance to play. Therefore I read to quench my thirst.

Gaming blog I am following

Free RPG Blog: A blog reviewing great free rpg game. Seeing so many talented people devotting to the hobby for free makes me happy.
Read it here.

Stargazer 's World : A great source for game design, review and resources. Currently it releases a free generic system Warrior, Rogue and Mage. It uses class as attribute. Sound interesting.
Read it here.

RPG Blog 2 : It focuses on AD&D, which I sadly have no experience with. But it is interesting to read about the more conventional side of gaming.
Read it here.

Spirit of the Blank : I love FATE rpg system because it gives player narrative control and encourages collaborative ploting. The blog is a great resources for using the system on fantasy and superhero genre.
Read it here.

Stablizing Rifts : Rifts is a multi-genre post apocalyptic cyberpunk and dungeon punk RPG that runs on the rule of cool. The blog attempts to give logical coherence to the setting.
Read it here.



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