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2017 Fandom Growth Exchange Letter

Thank you so much for creating a fanwork for me! I'm sure I will love it anyways, but here are some details about what I like/dislike, in case you like to do your research.
First off, I would rather receive a work that the creator was enthusiastic about than one that fulfilled every detail of my request. These are guidelines meant to help you, not to cage you. I've requested fic because I'm not confident in my ability to provide art prompts, but I love fanart and would be thrilled if my letter inspired any art treats.

0. General Information

1. Amnesia (Game & Anime) - Heroine/Toma

2. Inklings RPF - C. S. Lewis & J. R. R. Tolkien & Charles Williams, C. S. Lewis & J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis/J. R. R. Tolkien

3. ダンジョン飯 | Dungeon Meshi | Delicious in Dungeon - Laios & Farin, Marcille & Farin, Chilchuck & Senshi, Laios & Senshi, Marcille & Chilchuck, Laios & Marcille, Marcille & Senshi

4. Furchester Hotel - Funella Furchester & Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz & Furgus Fuzz & Elmo, Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz & Elmo, Harvey P. Dull & Elmo, Funella Furchester & Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz & Furgus Fuzz, Funella Furchester & Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz, Furgus Fuzz & Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz, Cookie Monster & Elmo, Cookie Monster & Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz, Funella Furchester/Furgus Fuzz, Cookie Monster & Funella Furchester & Furgus Fuzz

5. Choice of Robots - Female Player Character & Robot Creation, Female Player Character/Robot Creation, Female Player Character/Robot Companion, Robot Companion & Robot Creation, Robot Companion/Robot Creation, Robot Creation & None

6. Imperial Steamworks Series - James Ng - Imperial Inventor & None (Imperial Steamworks), Imperial Empress & None (Imperial Steamworks), The Blackguard & None (Imperial Steamworks), Imperial Sheriff & None (Imperial Steamworks), Key Keeper & His cat(s), Crystal Herbalist & None (Imperial Steamworks), The Exorcist & None (Imperial Steamworks), Gambling Den Boss & Bouncer

7. Minus. (Web Comics) - Minus & Green-haired girl

8. Sengoku Basara - Date Masamune & Katakura Kojuurou, Ishida Mitsunari/Ootani Yoshitsugu, Ishida Mitsunari & Ootani Yoshitsugu

9. The Heroic Trio (1993) - Chan Chat & Ching Ching, Tung Tung & Ching Ching, Chan Chat & Tung Tung & Ching Ching, Tung Tung/Ching Ching

10. Autumn's Journey (Visual Novel) - Auralee/Kerr (Autumn's Journey), Auralee/Ilmari (Autumn's Journey), Auralee/Ilmari/Kerr (Autumn's Journey), Auralee & Ilmari & Kerr (Autumn's Journey), Ilmari & Kerr (Autumn's Journey)

General Information

I like stories with: amnesia, action/adventure, alternative universes, banter, capture and rescue, competence, crossover, dominance and submission, the edge between civilization and the unknown, formation of friendship, history affecting the present, humour, hurt/comfort, longing, matchmakers, love or friendship expressed in atypical ways, moral ambiguity, attraction between opposites, outsider POV, people telling stories, people who have each other's backs, people who flat out like each other's company, people suffering stoically, power exchange, people being resolute, secret identity (or lack of it), strong and competent characters, sense memory, time travel, traveling.

Though it seems unlikely, if you have not yet given up on my rambling and want to research me more, I've told more about what I like here.

Seriously, if you go the AU route-- or just in general-- please don't worry too much about making everything fit exactly into canon. I am *not* going to be super-picky about what happened when, or which characters were doing what during whatever event.

I don't particularly like: mpreg, soul-bonding or "destiny" in terms of romance, excessive possessiveness and/or jealousy portrayed as healthy or romantic, "we're not gay we just love each other," first person narration, graphic violence, torture, deathfic, heavy illness (e.g. cancer or AIDS), rape/noncon, unrelenting angst, hardcore kink, self-harm, incest or faux-incest, religion bashing, major public embarrassment, and/or female-character-bashing-- including dialogues like "Don't be such a girl," and so on.

Here are the fandoms I have requested, with prompts and extended details.

Amnesia (Toma/Female Protagonist)

What I like about the canon: I like the game because of the music, identity and memory issues and mysteries surrounding interesting characters. I like Toma most because of his duality. He cares about the heroine enough to secretly clean up her vandalized postbox and investigate about the bullying. However, he’s also delusional enough to justify how he imprisons the heroine as for her own good, until he can’t even pretend to himself anymore. Meanwhile the heroine still trusts and returns to him even after the imprisonment (granted she had just escaped from a murder attempt). I find their dynamic dark and fascinating: a perfect match in Stockholm syndrome and Lima syndrome and I want more.


  • Pre-canon where Toma pines for the heroine while suppressing his seemingly unrequited feeling for her.

  • The heroine’s PoV during the canon. How does she feel about Toma and how does it change throughout the game and afterwards? I also love exploration of the memory and identity issues.

  • Post-canon: I would like exploration of their dynamic post-canon, and it’s fine if you want to explore the good end or bad end. I don’t mind if their relationship is screwed up in the good end (Toma put himself in a cage to express his apology in the sequel after the good end. It’s really not what normal people do.), but I still want to see them trying awkwardly. For the bad end I just want more of the gentle creepiness. However, no domestic abuse nor breakup please.

About the canon: Amnesia is an otome game visual novel that's been adapted into an anime, in which the heroine loses her memory after an accident and must recover it within a limited time, or she will lose her identity forever. With the help of a spirit, the heroine investigates her past while trying to avoid her lover interest’s suspicion. Each route is a parallel world so the plots are independent of each other. The game can be quite dark as the heroine can be murdered or suffer from fate worse than death in various bad ends. There are sequels and fandisks to the game that I have knowledge of, so please feel free to use or disregard the details.

In Toma’s route, Toma’s the heroine’s childhood friend who has behaved like a caring brother to her while secretly pining for her. He takes care of the amnesiac heroine when he finds her wandering on the street and protects her from attempted murder. However, he also secretly drugs her into compliance, locks her in a cage and in a bad end keeps her in chains forever.

You only need to watch episodes 8-10 for Toma and the heroine. For the visual novel, there's a very detailed write up for Toma's route in the game here:

Episode 8 (English sub):
Episode 9 (English sub):

Episode 10 (English sub):

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Inklings RPF


✔ C. S. Lewis & J. R. R. Tolkien & Charles Williams

✔ C. S. Lewis & J. R. R. Tolkien

  1. S. Lewis/J. R. R. Tolkien

What I like about the canon: I love literature and the history of the people who write them. I’m interested in C. S. Lewis and Tolkien because Narnia and Lord of the Rings were both influential as my gateway to fantasy series. I also find the first two books of Lewis’ Space Trilogy underrated (I agree with Tolkien that ‎That Hideous Strength is a weird genre shift as the conclusion of the series) and I also find out that Charles Williams was a fantastic figure of his own (It was unusual for someone to be both Anglican theologian and Occultist master, and I find his modern supernatural thrillers interesting) I also love friends with complicated dynamics, friends with common interest and banter about them and former friends parted but still respect and care for each other. I’m interested in both the people and the books.

C. S. Lewis & J. R. R. Tolkien & Charles Williams


C. S. Lewis & J. R. R. Tolkien


  • Banter! Discussion of Fantasy and Literature! Argument about mythology and languages! Give me all the linguistic and language and literature geekery! Book reading! Typical night in a meeting

  • Exploration of their friendship dynamics. The three of them are connected with each other with Lewis at the core. How do they think about each other? Did Tolkien and Williams silently one-upped each other with Lewis oblivious? How did Lewis and Tolkien think about their parting of friendships and did they regret it? What’d happen if they all met together in afterlife?

  • What about an adventure when they found themselves in a scifi/fantasy land? (Crossover with their own works was appreciated by not necessary) Fairies and dwarves, zombie apocalypse, vampire/werewolves/zombie or writing a guide and debated the language of fantasy land… So many opportunities!

C. S. Lewis/J. R. R. Tolkien


I find the hypothetical scenario fascinating: what if Tolkien had suppressed unacknowledged/bitterly acknowledged romantic feeling about Lewis, which contributed to their separation? I’d love all the angst, self-denial and self-justification, internalized homophobia, resentment and pining, for the feeling that dare not have a name because I love stoic suffering and unrequited feeling to their death. Lewis might be oblivious or had similarly suppressed feeling (They were both devout Christians. Tolkien was married after all, and Lewis knew his son). Maybe they never acknowledge the feeling even to themselves. Maybe they actually starts something (drunk sex, “It doesn’t count because it’s not penetrative”, etc.), which ends badly for them with all the angst and regret. I would prefer to avoid depiction of external homophobia and people using homophobic slurs though. All the above suggestions can apply for this relationship.

About the canon:

"The Inklings was an informal literary discussion group associated with the University of Oxford, England, for nearly two decades between the early 1930s and late 1949.[1] The Inklings were literary enthusiasts who praised the value of narrative in fiction and encouraged the writing of fantasy." from
wikipedia page

C.S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien & Charles Williams were both regular and prominent members of the Inklings. C.S. Lewis was a literature scholar, writer known for his Narnia series, and his books about Christianity. Charles William was a British poet, novelist, literary critic, editor, lecturer, biographer, Anglican Christian, and occult master while J. R. R. Tolkien was a respected linguist and author of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbits.

  1. S. Lewis and J. R. R. Tolkien bonded over shared interest in Norse mythology. Lewis encouraged and supported Tolkien’s writing, resulting in Lord of the Rings, while Tolkien encouraged Lewis to return to his Christianity faith which finally led to Narnia (which Tolkien disliked). They bantered about theology, literature and fantasy, but they also disagreed on several major topics. One of them was Charles Williams.

  2. S. Lewis made acquaintance with Charles Williams based on their mutual appreciation of each other’s works and invited him to join the Inklings meeting, where Charles Williams became the third prominent member. He was said to be charming and eloquent, and influential beyond his death. He remained good friends with Lewis until his untimely death.

According to Tolkien, he found Charles Williams’s work “impenetrable when cast into 'literature'” and the feeling was mutual. He thought that C.S. Lewis’s That Hideous Strength was badly influenced by him.

"But in fact [I and C.S. Lewis] saw less and less of one another after he came under the dominant influence of Charles Williams [...] Williams' influence actually only appeared with his death: That Hideous Strength, the end of the trilogy, which (good though it is in itself) I think spoiled it."

― J.R.R. Tolkien; Humphrey Carpenter, Christopher Tolkien (eds.), The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, Letter 257, (dated 16 July 1964)

At the end Tolkien and Lewis’s friendship strained because of their different faith (Tolkien's a faithful Catholic and angered by Lewis’ anti-Catholicism), their different opinions about Narnia and popular theology, and Lewis’ marriage to Jo, a divorced woman. However, Tolkien was devastated by Lewis’s death.

“So far I have felt the normal feelings of a man of my age—like an old tree that is losing all its leaves one by one: This feels like an axe-blow near the roots,” Tolkien wrote to his daughter Priscilla four days after Lewis’s death. “Very sad that we should have been so separated in the last years; but our time of close communion endured in memory for both of us.” Even Tolkien believed their friendship would transcend time.

ダンジョン飯 | Dungeon Meshi | Delicious in Dungeon


✔ Laios & Farin

✔ Marcille & Farin

✔ Chilchuck & Senshi

✔ Laios & Senshi

✔ Marcille & Chilchuck

✔ Laios & Marcille

✔ Marcille & Senshi

What I like about the canon:

Dungeon Meshi is a very warm-hearted manga and I love the daily-life snapshot of fantasy dungeon raids and those who embark on them. I love the atypical but innovative premise: if your party is stuck underground and low on food, why not eat all those monsters you've been fighting? I love how charming and distinctive the characters are, how they work together to solve different problems and the slice of the the life humour moments. I love the delicious food porn and the creative ways Senshi think up to cook the fantasy creatures. I love every character in Laios’s party and doesn’t have a special favourite, so I nominate all the possible combination of character interaction among them.


  • More cooking! More food! You can use any monsters present in the manga, fantasy creatures from all over the world or media, or you can make up your own. I want more catching, cooking, sharing of monster in meals, and different people’s responses.

  • I love all the friendship. Pre-canon fic with Laios and Farin supporting each other? Marcille developing friendship with Farin? Marcille & Chilchuck having to work together to save the party? Chilchuck pulled into Senshi’s monster cooking plot? Laios & Senshi bonding over food and more? Laios & Marcille bantering? Marcille convinced by Senshi to try new food? Just give me more of the developing friendship and teamwork


About the canon: Dungeon Meshi (Delicious in Dungeon) is a fantasy-comedy seinen series created by Ryōko Kui, in which Knight Laios and his friends must enter a dungeon to recover his sister’s remains to revive her before too late, after she sacrifices herself to teleport the whole part from a red dragon. Despite the heavy premise, part classic dungeon crawler, part cooking show, Dungeon Meshi is a quirky, funny, thoughtful exploration of the ecosystem of a fantasy dungeon that may make you very, very hungry for the strangest of foods.

Furchester Hotel


✔ Funella Furchester & Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz & Furgus Fuzz & Elmo

✔ Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz & Elmo

✔ Harvey P. Dull & Elmo

✔ Funella Furchester & Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz & Furgus Fuzz

✔ Funella Furchester & Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz

✔ Furgus Fuzz & Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz

✔ Cookie Monster & Elmo

✔ Cookie Monster & Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz

✔ Funella Furchester/Furgus Fuzz

✔ Cookie Monster & Funella Furchester & Furgus Fuzz

What I like about the canon: It’s a very well written and performed show with different layers of humour, with a loving family working together with their friends to solve unique problems and challenges every time. They may not have succeeded at first, but they were determined and enthusiastic and cooperative and persisting, showing that efforts counted more than outcome. The puppeteering work is excellent, so are the show’s charming titular songs. It is so heart-warming to see the affection between the Furchester couple, how loving Phoebe and Elmo are as cousins, and the friendship they have with the guests and Cookie Monster. I especially love the episode that Harvey pretends to be Monster Monster to comfort Elmo. I love the gentle humour and the love and the teamwork, and this show always brings me a smile when I watch it.

Note: I prefer to receive fic without sex for this fandom.


  • I really love the plot of the show, so more typical episode plots are great. A new guest has come and the Furchester family must put their furry heads together to solve the problems. Cookie Monster has run out of cookies again. The Furchester family working together to celebrate a monster festival. More focus on the resident guests in the hotel. Funella trains Elmo and Phoebe to be better at work. Harvey making sarcastic remarks about the hotel. They are all great to me.

  • Happy and fluffy slice of life stories set pre-canon, during the canon or in the future. How does Fungus and Funella develop their romance and maintain their marriage? What kind of activities Phoebe and Elmo do together in downtime? How does Cookie Monster become a staff and friend? What kind of family activities they do together? How does Elmo and Harvey spend time together?

  • I would like a story based on the song “Don’t checkout,” which’s a very catchy song. Why do they not want any guest to ever check out and want them to stay together? It can go a cheerful creepy route, but you can also interpret it in other ways.

About the canon: The Furchester Hotel is an ongoing British spinoff of Sesame Street. The Furchester Hotel is a half-star hotel that is owned by a monster family called the Furchester-Fuzz Family. The Furchester-Fuzz Family alongside Elmo and Cookie Monster figure out how to solve different issues that are developed by the guests of the Furchester Hotel. It currently has 2 seasons but each episode can be watched standalone.

The wikipedia page:

You can watch full episodes free on Youtube:

Detailed reviews and episode summary:

Imperial Steamworks Series - James Ng


✔ Imperial Inventor & None (Imperial Steamworks)

✔ Imperial Empress & None (Imperial Steamworks)

✔ The Blackguard & None (Imperial Steamworks)

✔ Imperial Sheriff & None (Imperial Steamworks)

✔ Key Keeper & His cat(s)

✔ Crystal Herbalist & None (Imperial Steamworks)

✔ The Exorcist & None (Imperial Steamworks)

✔ Gambling Den Boss & Bouncer

About the canon:

Imperial Steam & Light is James Ng’s art project inspired by Chinese history and the English Industrial Revolution, to visualize an alternate world if China was the first to industrialize during the turn of the last century, creating an alternate standard of modernization. It has a strong steampunk flavour, and so far has contained different walk of people and machines in this world.


What I like about the canon: I love steampunk and Chinese history, and I love the cast of characters and things depicted so far, and I‘m intrigued about the characters’ background and lives, and their relationship between each other.


I want to see more of this world. I want to know how the empire and the characters are affected by the technology, how they live with it and how they in turn shape their lives. I want to know the origin stories of the characters. What’re their daily lives like? How do their lives intersect? Pulpy adventure, court intrigue, mystery and slice of life plots are all awesome to me.

I group suggestions for characters together by theme:

Immortal Empress:

Was she an Empress before she joined with the machine? Can she survive without it Did she have any choice in this matter or did she jump to the chance? Monarchies depend on line of succession - how does an Immortal ruler change the picture?

Imperial Inventor & Crystal Herbalist:

How do they achieve their status and develop their skills? What do they mostly work on? What are their life goals: status, influence, recognition or better skills? What're their favourite or most significant invention? What do they think about the court, the technology and the world in general? How do they think about their modified bodies?

The Blackguard:

Noted as the Empress's loyal royal guard, what are they like? What role and influence do they have in the court? How do they use technology to protect the Empress? What are their relationship with Imperial Sheriff and other characters? Are they any conflicts?

Key Keeper & His cat(s)

Tell me more about his relationship with his cats, his role in the palace and his life as an undead. What secrets about the Imperial Dungeon does he guard? Why can’t the royalty find a replacement for him when he was still alive? What does he and his cats usually do on and away from their jobs?

The Exorcist

How does he think about his combination of steam power and magic? Is he an enthusiastic proponent, reluctant adopter or he doesn’t care until he gets thing done? What kind of spirits has he compelled in his work? Why does he choose this job? How does his magic work?

Gambling Den Boss & Bouncer

I would like to know more about the underworld. How is it the same and different from our own? What’s its relationship with the law enforcement? How do Gambling Den Boss & Bouncer establish their position and what’s their relationship like?

Choice of Robots


✔ Female Player Character & Robot Creation

✔ Female Player Character/Robot Creation

✔ Female Player Character/Robot Companion

✔ Robot Companion & Robot Creation

✔ Robot Companion/Robot Creation

✔ Robot Creation & None


✔ Female Player Character & Robot Creation

✔ Female Player Character/Robot Creation

I finished all the playthrough with different high stat, so it's alright for the Creation to have any name, body shape and specialized attribute. If you want more prompts, what does she think about PC and other robots? How does she plan for the rebellion and decide to kill PC? More details about the cruise? How does she live on after PC's death? What's their life like after PC joining the singularity / has a robot core installed?

For romance option: while non-canonical, I am curious about how relationship with one's own creation will work. Dark and creepy is ok as well as a saccharide tale with unsettling hints, but I’d prefer the PC be genuinely caring towards her creation.

✔ Female Player Character/Robot Companion

Show me all the pining and angst from the companion, especially when PC is already in a relationship with others. Why does she fall in love with PC and how does she discover love as an emotion especially when she is decided to be just a friend (my default decision ) Does the PC encourage her to be more independent or does the PC really try? If you want more prompts, what about they going dancing again after establishing their relationship? How does she teach emotion to PC with a robotic core? Or maybe a vacation to the space together.

✔ Robot Companion & Robot Creation

✔ Robot Companion/Robot Creation

I love when two people both in love/committed to a third find comfort in each other, and humanoid robot / inhuman looking robot is win. What do they think about each other? How do they deal with the physical assault after the stargazing? How may they find a friend /lover /rival in each other? How does PC’s unavoidable death shape their relationship? Do they adjust their brain and bodies throughout the course?

As you can choose the first batch of robots to be a copy of or the initial state of your creation’s mind, is the companion also based on that? How does it change their relationship if it’s true?

✔ Robot Creation & None

I love robots and AI in general, so I’d love any elaboration of the robot’s thinking process, how zie considers the world, the humans and zis peers. If you want any prompts, how does zie bond or interact with other robots? How does zie bring about rebellion? What does zie think about zis creator? What’s zis typical day? What interaction zie has with other humans? Hoes does zie raise zis child?

About the canon: Choice of Robots is an interactive fiction game which cast the player character (PC) as a scientist working on their PHD thesis: a sentient robot in a university robotics lab, The choices one makes not only determine your own fate, but could also impact the fate of the world as a whole. It is very open-ended about what kind of robots and future you can shape, and the four different playthrough feel distinctive. You can make a killing mecha, fall in love with your robot companion or champion a world that robots rule everything.

Helpful links: Choice of Robots is available on Android, IOS and Steam. For people who want to know more:

Choice of Robots review:

Various Choice of Robots Let’s Play I can find

Military playthrough:

Military/Autonomy playthrough:

Grace playthrough

Pronoun: I’d like my player character be a her, and the Creation be a her or use their own pronoun. I also prefer the robot companion be a her

Note: considering the lifespan of robots, I don't mind PC’s death be included or referenced in the story, though I’d prefer the details to be off screen, and a peaceful death only, please.

Minus. (Web Comics)


✔ Minus & Green-haired girl

What I like about the canon:

I love this brief look at childlike innocence and imagination brought to life in Minus. While many of the comics earn a chuckle, the focus is more on evoking a sense of childlike wonder. And it succeeds. I love how real Minus feels as a little girl, and this child’s world is very authentic. It is very imaginative and the outrageous adventures Minus goes on is really fun. I love that Minus ends on an up-note, keeping tone to the very end.


-I really want more stories in the vein of the comics, so Minus and her friends on a flight of imagination and focus on Minus’s use of ability will be great: examples including but not limited to time travel, dimension travel, creation of creatures and sentient beings, meeting magical creatures, adventures, transformation are all good as I really love the mix of slice of life, wonder and horror in canon.

-I love the friendship between Minus and the green-haired girl because how gentle it is, so if you want to write me how green-haired girl befriends Minus, how they think about each other and how the feeling changes throughout the comics, and what they do together it'll be great. .

About the canon: Minus is a web comics about a little girl minus who's a quiet typical little girl except that she can change everything in the world. The comic ranges from flights of fancy to moments of surreal horror, in which she "has climbed into paintings and chalk drawings, brought inanimate objects to life, killed out of spite, turned a library into a pirate ship, become the ruler of a colony of ants, swum with mermaids in her bathtub and pulled the plug when she was done, and various other fantastical situations." Some strip string together in sequence, but knowledge of previous ones isn’t terribly necessary to enjoy later strips.

Sengoku Basara

Date Masamune & Katakura Kojuurou

✔ Ishida Mitsunari/Ootani Yoshitsugu

✔ Ishida Mitsunari & Ootani Yoshitsugu

Date Masamune & Katakura Kojuurou


  • I love how loyal Katakura Kojuro is to Date Masamune and loyalty is rewarded, so a story that explores this will be totally awesome! If you’d like more prompts, what about a pre-canon story that Katakura Kojuro helps and supports Date Masamune through his establishment of his power? A battle that Katakura Kojuro sacrifices himself for his lord (and gets better)? Katakura Kojuro going on a risky mission for Date Masamune? Wilderness survival and hurt/comfort will be great bonus but not necessary.

About the characters:

In Sengoku Basara, Date Masamune is the energetic, ambitious and confident young ruler of the Date Clan. However, he also has a quiet and thoughtful side outside the battleground and heeds the counsel of his serious retainer Katakura Kojuro, who's a quiet, reliable and intelligent strategist. Katakura Kojuro is extremely loyal to his lord (vows to never let Date Masamune regret anything ) and Date Masamune trusts Katakura Kojuro so much that Katakura Kojuro is called the Dragon's Right Eye and only he can stop Date Masamune in a fury.

Sengoku Basara Date Masamune Complete Cutscene: Sengoku Basara 3 Utage Katakura Kojuro Ending: 
Sengoku Basara anime Season 1: (You can starts from episode 6)

Ishida Mitsunari/Ootani Yoshitsugu

Ishida Mitsunari & Ootani Yoshitsugu


Any rating is great, and I’m fine with fics that set before the game, during and after the game or a canon divergent AU. I really like how screwed up their relationship dynamic is as Ootani Yoshitsugu manipulates Ishida Mitsunari for his own purpose and yet he also deeply cares about him and I would like more exploration of that. If you want a prompt, though, what about a story that how they grow to trust each other (in their dysfunctional way)? A battle that they both plan for and fight together? Something about tea and Ootani wanting to bring the world into fire? More manipulation and mind games? Please no requested pairings. These are just some suggestions, though; if none of those appeal to you, then just write anything about them and I'll be thrilled.

About the characters: Ishida Mitsunari appears in Sengoku Basara 3 and is a determined avenger of his lord. He 's tragic in a sense that he's so driven by his revenge that he has nothing other than that. Ōtani Yoshitsugu is his friend and often takes command of the West Army for him. He's dying of leprosy, which causes him to be shunned and rejected by the others, and leads him to wish misery upon everyone (including himself) equally. I love how screwed up and broken they are and are fascinated by their dynamics.. Both characters have historical basis but please feel free whether to allude to actual historical events.

Sengoku Basara 3

Ishida Mitsunari (English cut scenes)

Otani Yoshitsugu (English cut scenes)

About the fandom: Sengoku Basara is a Japanese fighting game with a very creative take on the Japan Warring State period and basically runs on the rule of cool (case in point: It has gundam and machine guns) I like its playfulness and for a fighting game, the characters are surprisingly complicated and interesting. It has been adapted into anime and manga.

The Heroic Trio (1993)


✔ Chan Chat & Ching Ching

✔ Tung Tung & Ching Ching

✔ Chan Chat & Tung Tung & Ching Ching

✔ Tung Tung/Ching Ching

What I like about the canon

The ultimate Dream Team of female Hong Kong talent: Anita Mui, Michelle Yeoh, and Maggie Cheung in the same movie? Check.

Spectacular over-the-top action scenes? Check.

Competent action heroines who spent a lot of time fighting and know what they’re doing? Check.

Angsty second meeting with presumed dead friend now on different side and has angsty reconciliation? Check.

Villainess with angsty background and reluctantly turns to the good people’s side? Check.

I love how the movie doesn’t take itself seriously. I love how the movie focuses on the three very different colourful female characters and their relationship. It’s a movie of my heart.


✔ Chan Chat & Ching Ching

✔ Tung Tung & Ching Ching

✔ Chan Chat & Tung Tung & Ching Ching

  • I would like more exploration of the interaction of the characters, either pre-canon, during the movie or afterwards (Please feel free to disregard the sequel for that). For example, What’s Tung Tung and Ching Ching’s childhood like? What’s Chat Chat’s first impression of Ching Ching and how do they endure life in the evil organization? What do Ching Ching and Tung Tung think when they realized what they really are and how do they adapt to the change? Do the trio keep contact with each other afterwards and how does the movie event shape them? What kind of adventure do the trio have together?

✔ Tung Tung/Ching Ching

  • Any rating is all right. I love stories with sex, stories without sex and porn too, but I’d like the canon love interests not to be a focus in the stories. I love how intense their interaction is when they realize their true identity , and I have a soft spot for enemies with a complicated comm past but still care about each other, and stories when villains slowly and reluctantly reconciled with the good people, so I’d like to see if it develops into more. I’d love to wallow in the suppression of feeling and angst and what may have been and guilt between them, and the feeling can remain mutually unacknowledged or consumed at last.

About the canon:

The Heroic Trio is a 1993 Hong Kong action movie starring three superstars in Hong Kong: Anita Mui, Michelle Yeoh, and Maggie Cheung. follows three super-powered heroines as they attempt to stop a mysterious organization that steals babies to return China to an age of emperors. Ching (Michelle Yeoh) and Anita (Anita Mui) received harsh martial art training together as children, but Ching is presumed death as she falls off a cliff during the training and their teacher bans anyone from saving her. Ching is saved by a secret organization which thinks China needs an emperor and sends her to go undercover to steal an invisible cloak so that she can snatch suitable candidates while Anita investigates the baby theft. Meanwhile, Chat (Maggie Cheung), once escaped from the organization and becomes a trigger happy bounty hunter wants to find the babies for a bounty reward. At the end they work together and destroys the secret organization in a series of spectacular martial art fights.

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Autumn's Journey (Visual Novel)


✔ Auralee/Kerr (Autumn's Journey)

✔ Auralee/Ilmari (Autumn's Journey)

✔ Auralee/Ilmari/Kerr (Autumn's Journey)

✔ Auralee & Ilmari & Kerr (Autumn's Journey)

✔ Ilmari & Kerr (Autumn's Journey)

What I like about the canon:

Autumn Journey is a very sweet and charming game, and I love all three characters a lot. Auralee is a cheerful and energetic girl, and her enthusiasm about knighthood is so cute and infecting. She’s kind and good-natured, but she doesn’t let anyone trample over her. I love how dedicated she is to her ideal and principle and her friends, and how willing she is make great sacrifice for that. Kerr comes across as a tsundere with poor social skills, but he apologizes and gets better when he realizes that he hurts Auralee’s feeling, and he really has a heart of gold. Ilmari is a sweetie whose interest in the human world is very endearing, but he also has layers of feelings. I love their interaction and friendship, which’s very warm and makes me feel happy, and I love how supportive Kerr and Ilmari are to Auralee’s dream. It’s a game that I happily ship Auralee/Kerr, Auralee/Kerr/Ilmari and Auralee/Ilmari equally.


  • I would like more exploration of the consequence of events that happen in the game. What does the dragons decide to do after their discovery and how do Kerr and Ilmari play into that? What about Auralee’s decision to learn to be an ambassador between humans and dragons? How do they change or don’t change when they meet again? What adventure do they have afterwards? How do they work together?

  • I find the romance really cute and I would like more. For this fandom I’d prefer no sex until they’re adults (however you define it). First time or established relationship are all great. Stories set during and after the game are fine. If you want more prompts, I’d like to know how they deal with reconciliation and their changes throughout the time, Kerr or Ilmari trying to write love lts and vice versa and the result, giving gifts to each other, how they go on their first dates, cultural difference between dragons and humans (e,g. Courtship ritual). I really want something heartwarming and has a happy ending.

About the canon:

Autumn Journey is a short free English visual novel about the journey of Auralee, a young aspiring knight and two dragons. During a routine patrol, Auralee came across Kerr, a strange sleeping man with weird brown shards for ears. It soon appears that this man, Kerr, is in actuality an earth dragon who was cursed into the form of a heavenkind (i.e., human) in order to force him to learn more about them. Kerr, being quite antisocial in general, is more than a little irritated by this. Soon, Auralee also comes across Ilmari, a sweet and somewhat childish water dragon who was sent down to watch over Kerr and make sure he does as told... probably.

Despite Kerr's bad attitude, Auralee's knight instincts kick in and she agrees to accompany the two of them across the land, taking on odd jobs and furthering her knight training along the way. And while she's there, she may become just a little bit closer to the dragons, too. - summary from TV Tropes


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