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Thank you so much for attempting to create a fanwork for me! I'm sure I will love it anyways, but here are some details about what I like/dislike, in case you like to do your research.

First off, I would rather receive a work that the creator was enthusiastic about than one that fulfilled every detail of my request. These are guidelines meant to help you, not to cage you.
I am open to both plot-driven stories and character pieces. Plot with porn is fine and fun, but I am OK with stories without sex! I generally prefer lighthearted stories. That said, I love good angst - as long as it ends happily. No 'hurt' without 'comfort'. So no pain-filled death stories, pretty please. I love romantic stories, but I need realism even in my mush.

I like stories with: amnesia, action/adventure, alternative universes, banter, capture and rescue, competence, crossover, dominance and submission, the edge between civilization and the unknown, formation of friendship, history affecting the present, humour, hurt/comfort, longing, matchmakers, love or friendship expressed in atypical ways, moral ambiguity, attraction between opposites, outsider POV, people telling stories, people who have each other's backs, people who flat out like each other's company, people suffering stoically, power exchange, resolve, secret identity (or lack of it), strong and competent characters, sense memory, time travel, traveling.

Though it seems unlikely, if you have not yet given up on my rambling and want to research me more, I've told more about what I like here.

Seriously, if you go the AU route-- or just in general-- please don't worry too much about making everything fit exactly into canon. I am *not* going to be super-picky about what happened when, or which characters were doing what during whatever event.
I don't particularly like: mpreg, soul-bonding or "destiny" in terms of romance, excessive possessiveness and/or jealousy portrayed as healthy or romantic, "we're not gay we just love each other," first person narration, graphic violence, torture, deadfic, heavy illness (e.g. cancer or AIDS), rape/noncon, unrelenting angst, hardcore kink, self-harm, incest or faux-incest, religion bashing, major public embarrassment, and/or female-character-bashing-- including dialogues like "Don't be such a girl," and so on.

Fandom 1: Shin Sangokumusou | Dynasty Warriors (Cao Pi, Zhao Yun)
About the canon: Dynasty Warriors is a hack and slash game loosely based on the Romance of Three Kingdoms. The canon where they interact can be seen here:
Wiki page on Cao Pi:
Wiki page on Zhao Yun:
What I like about the canon, and my suggestions: I find both characters very intriguing and I like the opportunity to go what-if for the history. I like to see the possibility of them going against each other as equal in a battle of wits or arms because it seems that they could be good opponents. I would like to see the possibility of them being forced to rely on each other because think of the mind games and conflict! I also would like to see what'll happen if Cao Pi gets an interest in Zhao Yun and pursues him, romantically or not. If there's romance, I would like to see Cao Pi/Zhao Yun because I like the potential for darkness and angst. Happy ending is not necessary.

Fandom 2: The Legend of the Sun Knight (Judgment Knight, Metal Knight)
About the canon: Legend of the Sun Knight is an 8-volume Taiwan light novel series and has been adapted into a manga series
What I like about the canon, and my suggestions: I like the canon's playful take on fantasy tropes and the dramatic tension caused by most of the knights having to hide their true nature. I really think Laica the Metal Knight is adorable for his worshiping of Judgment and he's canonical masochist. As I have just learnt that the writer posted a post-series story that Judgment actually offers to brand Laica as a reward for Laica's good work, I'm really tempted to see a post-canon story that shows me how their relationship develops to this point. However, a story that shows me the beginning of their arrangement or any aspects of their friendship is good too. If there's romance, which is not necessary, I'd like Judgment/Metal because it's cute to read a reluctant sadist learning to accept his sadism/puppy-eyed masochist who tops from the bottom while worshiping Judgment outside the bedroom but please feel free to write your take on them.

Fandom 3: Tiger Cubs (Chin Hon-to, Chong Chuk-yuen)
About the canon: Tiger Cubs is a 13-episode Hong Kong cop tv show and you can watch it with English subtitles here:
What I like about the canon, and my suggestions: I like this show for the attractive highly competent characters, exciting action/mystery plot, loads and loads of hurt/comfort potential and to be honest, highly slashable buddy pairing. I like the easy friendship and good rapport they share and how the personality of each complements the other nicely. Chong is like a part of Chin's family in the first episode. Chin jokingly refers to Chong as his wife. I want to know how it begins. I want to see their bonds tested and strengthened. I also would be glad if you write a mission fic or a fic that they hang out together. If there's romance, which is not necessary, I would like to see Chin/Chong. No focus on the canon romance please because while I love Madam Chong, the romance plot is a bit boring to me.

Fandom 4: Sengoku Basara (Date Masamune Katakura Kojuurou)
About the canon: Sengoku Basara is a hack and slash game loosely based on the historical figures of of the Sengoku period and has been adapted into an anime series, which can be found with English subtitles online.
Further Reference:
 Historical personality:
 Sengoku BASARA 3 All Date Masamune Cutscenes
What I like about the canon, and my suggestions: Sengoku Basara is a game with a playful take on the Japan Warring State period and basically runs on the rule of cool (case in point: It has gundam and machine guns) I like its playfulness and for a fighting game, the characters are surprisingly complicated and interesting. The strong theme of loyalty is also what attracts me here. In Sengoku Basara, Date Masamune is the energetic, ambitious and confident young ruler of the Date Clan. However, he also has a quiet and thoughtful side outside the battleground and heeds the counsel of his serious retainer Katakura Kojuro, who's a quiet, reliable and intelligent strategist. Date Masamune trusts Katakura Kojuro so much that Katakura Kojuro is called the Dragon's Right Eye. (Date Masamune lost his right eye when young due to disease and is thus despised by his mother.) They have a great rapport with each other and there's a lot of hurt/comfort fodder between them. Katakura Kojuro vows to never let Date Masamune regret anything and only he can stop Date Masamune in a fury.

Fandom 5; Amnesia (Toma, Female Protagonist)
About the canon: Amnesia is an otome game visual novel that's been adapted into an anime. You only need to watch episodes 8-10 for Toma and the heroine. For the visual novel, there's a very detailed write up for Toma's route in the game here:
What I like about the canon, and my suggestions: I like the game. It’s got great visuals, ambient music, a super unique concept and interesting characters. I think Toma is very interesting because he's not a typical yandere character. While it's wrong to do what he does, I can at least sympathize with his (misguided) protectiveness toward the heroine. And I love angst and mutual pining. So a post-canon story that properly deals with the events but is still hopeful will be nice. A story that gets into his mind will be good too. I also like pre-canon stories too.

Fandom 6: Heart no Kuni no Alice | Alice in the Country of Hearts (Alice Liddell)
About the canon: Heart no Kuni no Alice is a Japanese visual novel otome game series and the first game is adapted into a manga series.
What I like about the canon, and my suggestions: I love this game series. Alice is a snarky pragmatic somehow depressed loner who s really a roundd-out character. Th other characters are all interesting and the world building is fun. Any fic with Alice will be great. If there's romance, which is not necessary, I like Alice/any nominated characters. I played the first three games of the series and it's all right to set the story in any of those three games. I haven't played the newest game so any references to it will fly over my head.

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