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DAY 1: On your journal, rec three fanworks by people you don't know and whose works you haven't read/watched/listened to/looked at before.

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Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: "Tree of Life"
Author: [ profile] machshefa
Rating: R
Warning: none
Summary: "Voldemort is dead and gone, but the wizarding world bears more than the usual scars of war. Severus and Hermione find themselves in the middle of what they hope will be the solution that will keep their world from unraveling."
Reccer’s comments: Long and clever.

Fandom: Due South
Title: Five Scars Ray Kowalski Might Have
Author: [ profile] kassrachel
Genre/pairing: Character study
Rating: PG-13
Warning: none
Summary: Five Scars Ray Kowalski Might Have
Reccer’s comments: Heartbreaking

Fandom: Supernatural
Title: A Map and Then You Lose Your Way
Author: [ profile] ignipes
Genre/pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: R
Warning: incest
Summary: Sam doesn't have a scar fetish. He just likes to know his way around.
Reccer’s comments: Set in the early season, the story is bittersweet and comforting.

Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
Title: Haunted | Revenant
Author: [ profile] rabidsamfan
Genre/pairing: Character study
Rating: R
Summary: No matter what scars Afghanistan left, Dr. John H. Watson is a doctor first and foremost.
Reccer’s comments: A very insightful look of Watson. erfect style.

Fandom: Tenkuu no Escaflowne
Title: Scars On The Heart
Author: Sarah Dove
Genre/pairing: Character study
Rating: Not rated
Warning: Author choose not to warn
Summary: After spending two-thirds of her life as Dilandau Albatou, how will Celena adjust to life in Asturia? Can she accept herself as she is? Can anyone else?
Reccer’s comments: It follows the fate of the characters and doesn't flinch away frm humanity, good or bad..

Fandom: Robin Hood (TV)
Title: Scars
Author: [ profile] thelilalbatross
Genre/pairing: Guy/Marian, Robin/Marian
Warnings: None
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Her relationship with Guy left scars that even Robin could not see.
Reccer’s comments: Sharp and to the point.

Fandom: Stargate-1
Comparing Scars
Author: [personal profile] cofax7
Genre/Pairing: Sam, Vala, Friendship, Episode Related, Bechdel Passage
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Reccer’s comments: Very strong Sam and Vala voice

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Battle Scars
Genre/Pairing: Gen
Author: [ profile] coolbreeze1
Rating: R (for violence and issues related to post-war)
Warnings: Some violence, deals with a heavy serious issue
Summary: While searching for a missing team on a war-torn world, Sheppard is kidnapped and put to work, forcing him to stretch his skills in order to survive.
Reccer’s comments:
This's a dark tales of the impact of war, where there's no black and white, just black and grey. There's a lot of hurt, but still has hope at the ending.

Fandom: The Mentalist
Title: Flesh Wounds
Author: [personal profile] ruuger
Genre/pairing: Jane/Cho
Rating: PG-13
Warning: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Summary: Red John is gone, but the scars he left are still healing.
Reccer’s comments: Brilliant look of Jane

Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis
Title: War Stories (The Easy Feeling Remix)
Author: [ profile] monanotlisa
Genre/pairing: Teyla/Kanaan, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard
Rating: G
Warning: none
Summary: Scars can tell you many things. But it's easier to just ask Teyla.
Reccer’s comments: Great look of Teyla and Kanaan together

Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Every Winner Has Scars
Author: [profile] starbuck_river
Genre/pairing: Gen
Rating: G
Warning: none
Summary: Scars tell a story, a history of what once was, indelible and undeniable unlike the words in a book. But the words written in the skin of Harry and Hermione are ones that Ron would rather forget.
Reccer’s comments:

Fandom: Marvel comics
Title: That One Man, Scorned and Covered with Scars
Author: [personal profile] muccamukk
Genre/pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Rating: NC17
Warning: none
Summary: Or, Four Times Steve Saw Tony's Scars and Had Sex with Him Anyway.
Reccer’s comments:  A great look at the development of their relationship
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Fandoms: Monster High, Thorneyhold - Mary Stewart, Dil Chahta Hai | Do Your Thing (2001), Myron Bolitar - Harlan Coben. Starcraft, River Man (song). Mother 3, Petr & the Wulf (Album), Maria-sama ga Miteru, Polynesian Mythology,Walls of Emerald - Li Shang-Yin, Dave Brandstetter Mysteries, Dancing Meteorite and the Stolen Law -- Anne Mason, Lost Odyssey, Pearl Jam, The Loved Ones (2009), Ya lyublyu tebya | You I Love (2004), Majishan no Yuutsu | A Magician's Misfortunes (Takarazuka musical), Toukaidou Hisame, Changelings the Dreaming

Rating: everything from General Audiences to Explicit

Methodology: Go to AO3 Yuletide collection. Arrange them according to ascending order of hit. Read. Profit.

Note: I don't have canon knowledge of any but one fandoms but I still find these fics very enjoyable. Therefore I hope you'll enjoy them too. Please feed the author if you like their fic. Spoilers may be ahead. Read at your own risk.

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I collect these for [personal profile] muccamukk, then I think why not post it here too?

Any Measure of Peace
: The summary is misleading. The story is a bit dark, but it's a very solid and meaty AU.
How Deep the Bullet Lies: "This is drowning, their first meeting all over again, the natural conclusion of the moment Charles felt Erik in the water, fevered with anguish and history." Charles, from the beginning to the end.
Fear the Rest: Charles Xavier's never been sure how it became a war. This is how. The story of the founding of the X-Men and the Brotherhood of Mutants. It's written before XM:FC comes out, so jossed. But it's still good.
Freefall AU. If Scott had been a little quicker on the uptake, X2 might have gone more like this. After an impromptu prison break, the X-Men, Magneto, and Mystique try to work together without anyone falling apart. Gen, with references to various pairings.
All the Fear You left Behind: "Erik has had one goal. He’s spent his life in relentless pursuit of it and has given almost no thought to what would come after he achieves it."

not very plotty h/c
Ending AU (dream ending) So Charles still gets shot and is crying in Erik’s arms- but instead of leaving, Erik realizes that being vengeful will only ever hurt the man he loves. So he stays with Charles and confesses his ~feelings~ and kisses him and takes care of him as he gets better and they’re beautiful and in love. Please. I need this. Not very plotty, I'm afraid, but very nice h/c
Open (absolutely heartbreaking) More than anything, Erik wants to protect Charles from the world, from the humans he knows will eventually betray them. There’s an innocence and naivety to Charles, and Erik wants to preserve that for as long as he can.
Need & Nova Charles attempts to help Erik focus, but dredging up old traumatic memories leaves Erik an emotional wreck. Charles comforts him.
Scars What’s under Erik’s turtleneck, hmm? Maybe he only ever wants to canoodle with his shirt on or in the dark. Charles finally coaxes him into showing him, and h/c ensues. Doesn’t have to be terribly graphic or have sex either, I just like the angst and the h/c aspect.
Call Me By His Name Charles wakes from the absence of noise. There is an empty space in his room, beside his bed. Not quiet as in an abandoned room, but utterly, featurelessly blank. Like a box made of unblemished, impenetrable metal and Charles knows before he opens his eyes.

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X-Men First Class Fic rec

Title: Playing The Hopeful Move
Author: [personal profile] icarus
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: Charles and Erik go on a road trip to find mutants and end up playing chess at 20,000 feet. "I'm not omnipotent enough to lie."
Reason to rec: Set during the movie, it captures the characters perfectly.

Title: You Told Me Again You Preferred Handsome Men, But For Me You Would Make an Exception
Author: [ profile] feverbeats
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Summary: He's been asked to trust a lot of men in his life, and he isn't about to let his response change just because he's developed feelings for one of them.
Reason to rec: It's so them, saying all the wrong things at the wrong time and telepaphy only makes things worse.

And there's two lovely ensemble pieces. I like how Charles interact with others of the team.
Five Minds Charles Never Read (And One He Did) by [ profile] leyenn

Five Lessons Charles Taught (and One He Learned) by [ profile] kaydeefalls

More X-Men First Class Related:
Ready for abduction: a very intense Charles/Erik fanvid
Lovestain a Darwin/Alex fanvid
Review &meta (spoiler for whole movie)
seperis' post: note
liviapenn's not quite review meta post
Charles and Raven
kuwdora's rec

pretty totem art
On learning to read Chinese menus
How to use coins as dice for roleplaying games
Dice emulation with d6 only

May. 27th, 2011 10:32 am

A rec.

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Iron Man

Horns of a Deer, Feet of a Tiger by [ profile] softintelligence Rec
6900 words. G. An origin story where Tony Stark is a Vietnamese-American person. "It's because baguettes and fried eggs remind him of being poor," his mom said, "and Ba only wants to be rich."

Words can't explain how I love the story. Just read it.


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