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[personal profile] brightknightie says: Tell me your three least-hit AO3 stories of which you are nevertheless proud. Because I'm an over achiever, I give you 10. These're arranged in accending number of hits. They are all female and/or character of colour heavy and don't need to know the canon.

Fate: Miranda went to United States for a mission. She didn't expect to meet certain people from her past. Marvel comics|Miranda Rand/OFC, Danny Rand & Luke Cage|PG|1022 words

Yo Ho Ho (But no Bottles of Rum): Airship battle! Wild jungle! Sword and whip fight! Airship captain Storm receives an offer she could hardly resist, and goes on an adventure in Savage Island to retrieve an invaluable artifact. (note: animal hunting). Marvel comics|Ororo Munroe, Janet Van Dyne, Tigra|PG|1023 words

Countdown: A client hired Luke and Danny to investigate a seemingly straight-forward case, and led them into a conspiracy. Marvel comics|Luke Cage, Danny Rand|PG|4128 words

Wonderland: Luke thinks it should be easy to take on the bodyguard case. He has never been so wrong. Marvel comics|Luke Cage, Danny Rand|PG|1493 words

Maltese Eye: Luke knew his client was a trouble, but he didn't expect that it would bring him into a conspiracy that he might not come out all right. And Who's the shadow lurking in the dark? Inspired by Maltese Falcon. Marvel comics|Luke Cage, Danny Rand|PG|3430 words

Warrior Angels: Misty and Colleen lead an adventure to Savage Land to further the cause of rebellion. Marvel comics|Misty Knight/Colleen Wing|PG|515 words

Mary Mary Quite Contrary: Once Mary walked the rules. Now she doesn't. Ballad of Mona Lisa (Music Video)|Mary/Brendon Urie|PG|1030 words

Missing: Misty and Colleen investigates a seemingly simple missing persons case, but when the missing person's going to Xavier Institute, it gets more complex. Marvel comics|Misty Knight/Colleen Wing|PG|2382 words

Vigilante: Someone is killing off small-time supervillains. Misty needs to find out who. Marvel comics|Misty Knight/Colleen Wing|PG|3509 words

Escape: She wakes up in a cell, with no memory of why she is here, or who she is. Marvel comics|Mystery characters|PG|1001 words

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Title: Bliss is an Abyss
Fandom: Wicked Gentlemen - Ginn Hale 
Rating: Explicit
Warning: none
Summary: There are things worse than pain. A peaceful life in the country, for one, and an honest man.
Comment: A perfect coda to the novel

Title: Over Coffee
Fandom: Marvel Adventure Avengers
Rating: General audience
Warning: none
Summary: Jan and Ororo talk over coffee.
Comment: A perfect snippet of Jan and Ororo's friendship.

Also a meme:

2011 fanfic First line meme )
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The Rules:

Take any one of my fandoms (Currently Marvel comics and Disney Princess), and give me a type of AU (space opera AU, pirate AU, superhero AU, Arthurian AU, etc). I will then outline I would write for your chosen type of AU.

Fall: A delightful web comics about the change of season

Romantically apocalyptic

Costume Creator Steampunk: a delightful flash game
Steampunk: I really love how the gears combine together to make a compelling image.
Steampunk Bonaparte: a steampunk rendition of the classic art
Muslim Anarchist Handbook. A Muslim's musing about steampunk and more.
Beyond Victoriana | A Multicultural Perspective on Steampunk
Ricepunk Buckle Cheongsam and Ricepunk Traveller: Ru, Ku, Waistcoat: China steampunk fashion

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There're several awesome Marvel comics prompts on [community profile] scifi_fest, and the minimum word count is just 100 words!
[community profile] kink_bingo is having a new round soon and I'm tempted to join.

In which there is a fanfic meme.
1. Write down the names of 10 characters.
2. Write a fic of fifteen words or less for every prompt, using the characters determined by the numbers. Do NOT read the prompts before you do step 1.

1) Steve Rogers
2) Tony Stark
3) Luke Cage
4) Danny Rand
5) Misty Knight
6) Colleen Wing
7) Carol Danvers
8) Wanda Maximoff
9) Belle
10) Esmeralda

Prompts )
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I'm going to continue the 30 days of anime and manga meme but I find that I don't have substantial things to say. It's better to be quiet than say empty words, right? So I post this instead.

Anything that needs a major AO3 warning.
Partner infidelity and betrayal.
Grim Dark. If I want to lose all my hope in humanity, I will read the news.
Character bashing. Just no. If you don't like the characters, just don't write about them.
Conforming to -isms. No need to explain.

Red Flag
First person narration. I tolerate it better in original fiction, but I prefers 3-rd person limited.
Gritty realism. See grim dark.
billed as Artistic/transcend the genre. It jut sounds snobbish to me.
Work in progress. I will only read those written by people I trust to finish it.
Non-con embarrassment
Villain protagonist. I like decent, characters that I can root for.
Brooding. Too much of it and it gets annoying.

Love at First Sight
A sense of wonder. A world to be explored. e.g. Kino's Journey, Kieli, Bandit King Jing, Planetary
Family by choice.
Clueless/Pining. Yes. I have been converted to a pairing because it promised to have years of pining, more than once.
Competent characters.
Tragic hero. Fighting the good fight not because they'll win, but because it's right.
Hope in the daunting time.

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Day 1-Your first anime/manga.
My first anime.... I think is Sailor Moon, because it's the first that I have a heart to actively keep watching. Why do I love it? I guess it' s because it's the first anime that features mainly female protagonists and them being awesome. The friendship doesn't hurt. There's still a soft spot in my heart for it.

Day 2 - Your favorite anime/manga character.
I have so many that it's impossible to count. I like the smart, reliable and competent characters like Ami in my icon, but I also like the big-hearted heroes like Luffy in One Piece.

Day 3 - An anime/manga that is underrated.
King of Bandit Jing. It's published in 1990's, currently out of print.  It's a pity it's obscure because it has a really cool world building: a city of clock, a undead pirate ship, etc.  with the protagonist as a trickster figure disrupting problematic social structure in his journey to steal treasure. The characterization is nuanced and multi-layered. You can find ...... sources of OVA, anime and manga on Internet

Day 4 - Your guilty pleasure anime/manga.
Count Cain/Godchild Saga. The warning needed for the manga can fill an entire page, the plot can be too convoluted, the problematic issues in gender is ... alarming. But it hits my weakness with Gothic mystery and the fantastic Cain-Riff relationship and MerryWeather. Something I love but will hesitate to recommend to anyone.

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  1. I write another Belle/Esmeralda that they 're both mages, just different kinds. Read it on AO3.
  2. Boss Death is a very good song, making an one-sided argument interesting. I keep wanting to write a RPG AU based on this song.
Here's a meme: a list of a hundred awesome female characters that I remember. (no specific order)Cut for the 100 awesome female characters )
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If you had me under your command and could make me write anything, regardless of whether or not I know the fandom or if anybody even writes fic in that fandom and no matter how crack-addled it might be, what would you love to see me write?

I'm not actually going to write any of these (unless something strikes me), but I am curious.
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First, I get a new user icon. An Asian American doctor who's also Captain America 's totally awesome.
Second, I write something for [personal profile] muccamukk!
Title: All Quiet on the Front (229 words)
Fandom: Marvel comics
Summary: Miranda meets someone when she's struck in a zombie-infected New York

Then a meme stolen from the friend list:
  1. Duty and Honour (Mulan. Mulan-centric)
  2. In service (Marvel comics: Steve/Tony)
  3. May you never want to go back. (Marvel comics: Steve/Tony)
  4. The Love Which Came in from the Space (Marvel comics: Steve/Tony)
  5. Wake up love (Marvel comics: Steve/Tony)
  6. Worst Case scenario (Marvel comics: Steve/Tony)
  7. Welcome to my secret lair (Marvel comics: Steve/Tony)
  8. The steps between (Marvel comics: Steve/Tony)
  9. The Tale of Young Iron Fist from Kun Lun (Marvel comics/Tang Dynasty RPF: OFC-centric)
  10. One step forward, two steps behind (Supernatural/Castle: Castle, Beckett)
  1. 1 & 9 are written for Yuletide, so there's built-in audience.
  2. There's a strong market for short Steve/Tony slash.
  3. I'm surprised with 10 actually. I wonder which side of the fandom read it more.

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How I get into tabletop rpg.

I discovered tabletop rpg on my own on the Internet. The game is Top Secret S.I., a 80's spy rpg game. It's my first love - I plays with the character generation for minute. My first game, though, was a super game that I played with my brother using rock, scissor and paper to decide on result. I was GM then, and the trend continued.

generic or specific system?

Both have their place, I think. It depends which one is suitable for the setting I'll use

Fantasy or sci-fi?

Sci-fi. Because I like to explore the future and technology in games.

random or point-buy character generation?
I like to have some control in the character, so I prefer point buy. But random power for superheroes can be fun too.

crunchy or rule-light?
I'm lazy so I appreciate anything without much prep-work.

Style or substance?
I am know to be lured to RPG with good layout, but I also happen to think the brievity of GURPS book is a great style, so.

Narrative or simulationist?
I prefer narrative more because I can wing more things easier.

GM or Player?
I want to be simply a player, but so far I can't find people to GM for me.
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I'm doing it out of order.

Day #29: Your favorite series you would suggest to read

Marvel Adventures: Avengers - great fun, characters as heroes and friends, interesting villains, good plot. I love it.

Daughters of Dragon: a series packed with action and woman kicking ass.

White Tiger: Great characterization and development plot

Ultimates vol. 1 and 2. The characters are harsher, but good reading.
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Day One: Favorite lead female character: Sailor Moon. Its the first time I see a teenage girl saving the world with her friends, and the first anime I seriously follow. I'll always have a weak spot for her.

Day Two: Favorite supporting female character: Hightower in Mentalist. She's smart, capable and she shows that evil boss is kind of a lazy writing.

Day Three: A female character you hated but grew to love. I don't recall hating female characters, actually. Eh... Elizabeth Weir in SGA. I'm kind of indifferent to her initially, but the fans let me see how great she can be ----- a civilian idealist diplomat leader who abides by her principle.

Day Four: A female character you relate to: Ami (Sailor Mercury) because I am also book smart and quiet.

Day Five: Favorite female character on a male-driven show: Amanda on Highlander. She's such fun to like.

Day Six: Favorite female-driven show: Cheung Gum

Day Seven: A female character that needs more screen time: Astrid Farnsworth on Fringe.

Day Eight: Favorite female character in a comedy show: Jane in Drop Dead Diva

Day Nine: Favorite female character in a drama show: Kalinda in Good Wife

Day Ten: Favorite female character in a scifi/supernatural show Teyla from Stargate: Atlantis

Day Eleven: Favorite female character in a children’s show: Bianca from Huge

Day Twelve: Favorite female character in a movie: Lucy Mcclane in Die Hard 4

Day Thirteen: Favorite female character in a book: Susan Clarke from I, Robot

Day Fourteen: Favorite older female character: Professor Macgondel in Harry Potter

Day Fifteen: Favorite female character growth arc: Cheung Gum in Cheung Gum

Day Sixteen: Favorite mother character: Luke's mother in Marvel Adventures: Avengers. She 's just awesome.

Day Seventeen: Favorite warrior female character: Teyla in SGA

Day Eighteen: Favorite non-warrior female character: Pepper Potts in Iron Man. Because she shows that you don't need super power to be awesome.

Day Nineteen: Favorite non-human female character: It'll be a cheat if I say human-shaped alien, right? But I can't think of any other than that.

Day Twenty: Favorite female antagonist: Emma Frost in X-Men

Day Twenty-One: Favorite female character screwed over by canon: Peggy Carter

Day Twenty-Two: Favorite female character you love but everyone else hates: There's no everyone in the fandom, but I'm all right with Keller and Kate in SGA when a lot of people don't like them for being Rodney's love interest. .

Day Twenty-Three: Favorite female platonic relationship: Misty Knight and Colleen Wing, and of course Marvel has to break them up.

Day Twenty-Four: Favorite female romantic relationship: Sumo and Kendappa-ō in RG Veda

Day Twenty-Five: Favorite mother/daughter and/or sister relationship: Kate Bishop and her sister. They're so different, yet they still accept each other.

Day Twenty-Six: Favorite classical female character (from pre-20th century literature or mythology or the like): Nu Wo in Chinese mythology. She creates the world.

Day Twenty-Seven: A female character you have extensive personal canon for: Miranda Rand, because there's an epic about her not yet written in my mind.

Day Twenty-Eight: Favorite female writer (television, books, movies, etc.): Agatha Christie

Day Twenty-Nine: A female-centric fic rec: Letters Never Sent (The Girls, Girls, Girls Remix)

Day Thirty: Whatever you’d like!
: favourite female version of canon male character: Natasha Stark in Earth 3490.
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What stories haven't you written that you would like to write?
Too many to count. I would like to write a Misty/Colleen story from the early day and trace their sometimes painful relationship, a Eli meeting Kirby's cosmic entities, and a SPN/Heroes for Hire fusion.

Do you have any works in progress?
Yes. My two bigbang, and a Choose your own adventure story.

Do you visualize scenes when/before you write them? Or do you go by how the words sound in your head? Both? Something else entirely?
No. They just appear in typed words.

What do you do when the words just aren't coming?

Do you like to tell stories orally as well as writing them down?

What's your policy on remixes, podfic, and other transformative work?
Blanket Permission.
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I made a crhomatic Marvel comics icon post and a Sailor Moon icon post to a challenge.

Do you ever participate in writing challenges? Which ones?

Yes. Yuletide, remix redux, Junetide cap-ironman winter exchange and two bigbang.

Out of all the characters you've ever written, which one is your favorite? Which one has surprised you the most?
Xi Yue. She's just fun to write. Ult. Steve surprised me most because I'm told that I get his voice.

Do you use unreliable narrators? Why or why not?
I did, when I'm writing horror. It enhanced the atmosphere.

What do you like most about writing? What do you dislike?
I like it when a good idea comes through. I dislike it when I need to scrap my word count.

Give some examples of how various story ideas have come to you. What forms did they come in?
Sometimes I read others prompts and just obsess about it. Then I elaborate it, mold it until it became a new one. Sometimes I put the characters into a new setting to see what'll happen.

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How do you support your themes? How do you make sure your language reflects them, and how do you decide whether something belongs in the plot or the theme category?

I make sure my plot fits the theme.

What’s the best piece of writing advice you’ve ever gotten?

Be Simple

What genres have you written in?

Humour, adventure, mystery, character study, romance, horror.

Do you write long stories, short stories, or both? What's challenging about writing a particular story length?

I usually write short stories (<7000).  I easily lose motivation when I write long fic.

Is your writing generally plot- or character-driven? Why?

Plot-driven. I can't write when I don't have a vague plot in mind
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How much detail do you usually leave out of a story?

A lot. Sometimes I leave out the entire back story. I say it's because I want to give space for imagination. Another reason's my writing is quite bare bone.

Where do you turn when your research is coming up with nothing of value to the story?

My friends.

Optimally, how many times does your work go through the revising process?

Two: through me and my beta.

Do you make literary or cultural references in your work? If so, what sources do you usually draw on? How do you decide whether to make (or keep, when editing) a particular reference?
I sometimes make reference to books and tabletop rpg I like. I let them stay if they don't obscure the story.

What repeated themes do you see running through your work?
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How do you come up with names and story titles?

I choose name that sounds good to me, or have a good meaning. If I want some fantasy name, I usually run words through elfen language translator.

For titles, I usually choose a word that can conclude the story, or get inspiration from lyrics.

Do you use beta reader(s)? If so, what do you look for in a beta reader? What specialties would your ideal beta have?

Yes. I look for a pair of fresh eyes and firmness. Willing to put up with me is a big one.

What kind of support, if any, do you get for your writing?

Fandom friend

Do you share your writing publicly or keep it private? Have you or would you like to be published?

I post them on Internet.

What's your biggest source of writer's envy?

Poetic visual and an unspoken sense of intimacy


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