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Sengoku Basara is a crowd fighting game with a playful take on Japan Warring State period and basically runs on the rule of cool (case in point: It has gundam and machine gun) I like its playfulness and for a fighting game, the character are surprisingly complicated and interesting. The strong theme of loyalty is also what attracts me here. My current favourite relationships are Date Masamune/ Katakura Kojuro and Ishida Mitsunari/Ōtani Yoshitsugu.

In Sengoku Basara, Date Masamune is energetic, ambitious and confident young ruler of the Date Clan. However, he also has a quiet and thoughtful side outside the battleground and heed the counsel of his serious retainer Katakura Kojuro, who's a quiet, reliable and intelligent strategist. Date Masamune trusts Katakura Kojuro enough that Katakura Kojuro is called the Dragon's Right Eye. (Date Masamune lost his right eye when young due to disease and thus despised by his mother.) They have a great rapport with each other and there's a lot of hurt/comfort fodder between them. Katakura Kojuro vows to never let Date Masamune regret anything and only he can stop Date Masamune in a fury.
Further Reference:
Historical personality:
Sengoku Basara 3
Sengoku BASARA 3 All Date Masamune Cutscenes

Ishida Mitsunari appears in Sengoku Basara 3 and is a determined avenger of his lord. He 's tragic in a sense that he's so driven by his revenge that he has nothing other than that. Ōtani Yoshitsugu is his friend and often takes command of the West Army for him. He's dying of leprosy, which causes him to be shunned and rejected by the others, and leads him to say that he wishes misery upon everyone (including himself) equally. However, Ōtani Yoshitsugu cares about Ishida Mitsunari deeply and protects him. There's a historical incident that at a tea party, after Ōtani Yoshitsugu drinks from a cup of tea, no other people drinks from it as customary except Ishida Mitsunari. Ōtani Yoshitsugu is touched. It's said to be one of the reasons he joined Ishida Mitsunari's cause.
Further Reference:
Historical personality:
Sengoku Basara 3
Ishida Mitsunari (English cut scenes)
Otani Yoshitsugu (English cut scenes)
Personal Blue Route (Japanese and Chinese dubbed)

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Project Aon: contains most of Lone wolf books
Choice of your game:All are gender friendly and sex orientation friendly.
  1. Choice of Dragon, Play as a dragon
  2. choice of romance Romance and intrigue at court
  3. choice of Broadside Age of Sail war and honour
The Outbreak: Interactive zombie movie
Zebulon: a humorous space opera CYOA story
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CaravaneerPlay a caravan leader in a post-apocalyptic desert, trading goods from town to town while fending off hungry raiders. It's got turn-based tactical fighting, strategic economic decision-making, and a political storyline! Tactics, economics and politics!
Play Caravaneer here.

Dark Cut 3

Brings you the usual intense historical surgery with a time traveling angle (recommend for mature audience)
Play Dark Cut 3 here.

Choice of Broadsides
Want to be a naval hero inspired by Master and Commanderseries? Here is the chance. I really like that its equal gender and sexual orientation friendly.

Ayiti: the Cost of Life
Ayiti: the Cost of Life allows you to control the activities of a Haitian family trying to get by, the experience is like Oregon Trail meets Wyclef Jean ("if I was president..."). Health, education, community service and just making ends add up to a compelling strategy game thats easy to play but hard to beat.


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