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How I get into tabletop rpg.

I discovered tabletop rpg on my own on the Internet. The game is Top Secret S.I., a 80's spy rpg game. It's my first love - I plays with the character generation for minute. My first game, though, was a super game that I played with my brother using rock, scissor and paper to decide on result. I was GM then, and the trend continued.

generic or specific system?

Both have their place, I think. It depends which one is suitable for the setting I'll use

Fantasy or sci-fi?

Sci-fi. Because I like to explore the future and technology in games.

random or point-buy character generation?
I like to have some control in the character, so I prefer point buy. But random power for superheroes can be fun too.

crunchy or rule-light?
I'm lazy so I appreciate anything without much prep-work.

Style or substance?
I am know to be lured to RPG with good layout, but I also happen to think the brievity of GURPS book is a great style, so.

Narrative or simulationist?
I prefer narrative more because I can wing more things easier.

GM or Player?
I want to be simply a player, but so far I can't find people to GM for me.
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5 Singers I like:
Chen Yi Jing
Dar Williams
Ingrid Michaelson
Loreena Mckennitt
Vienna Teng

5 genres I love
Detective/Mystery: I prefer police procedural and hard boiled detective novels, but I like cosy too.
Fantasy: I love convincing world building, something that is fresh and not your stereotypical medieval society.
Sci-Fi: While I love books that explore the impact of technology on humanity and trashumanism, I love space opera too.
Comedy: I love gentle humour and quick wit. Sadly many TV comedies hit my embarassment squick hard.
Romance: This explains my fandom reading habit.

5 Pen and paper RPG I would love to play:
Sufficiently Advanced
Wandering Monster High School
Lady BlackBird
JAGS: Wonderland


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