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Jul. 9th, 2011 01:53 pm


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X-Men First Class

they're just following orders, or: i haven't meta'd since harry potter


A link to recommended writing blog

Interesting thread on FFA

Published fic v.s. fanfic? Does fanficturn pro writer has a certain style?

Wrong, wrong, wrong
: What errors have you seen in fanfic that hit your berserk button? Or canon, even!

If you had a fandom... : The response is amusing

Paper of the world: Talking about different countries' expectation on college papers

Jun. 18th, 2011 11:25 am


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A brief history of asexuality in fandom, as seen by Kaz: My point is? Asexuality in fandom, asexual representation in fandom, attitudes towards asexuality in fandom, all of that - these are changing incredibly quickly. Eighteen months ago I was astounded to see more than, like, two other fannish aces around. A year ago, if you'd told me we'd be criticising particular tropes in asexual fic at this point I would have laughed in your face because what asexual fic? -
Changing the Framework: Disability Justice: How our communities can move beyond access to wholeness: "As organizers, we need to think of access with an understanding of disability justice, moving away from an equality-based model of sameness and “we are just like you” to a model of disability that embraces difference, confronts privilege and challenges what is considered “normal” on every front. "
Access Intimacy: The Missing Link I have grappled with how to describe the closeness I would feel with people who my disabled body just felt a little bit safer and at ease with.
Poland: Transgender Rights in Forefront of Equality Parade

A two part overview of Finnish sf/f.
Outfits inspired by book covers
"In the game of food, you win or your wash dishes ... " Inn at the Crossroads is a blog recreating the foods from the books. It's mouthwatering just to look at. There are quotes from the books, period "reciepts," and comparisons between modern and historical recipes.

Android Public Service Announcement: Stop Using Task Killer Apps – NOW

More X-Men: First Class meta: short and to the point, and long and poignant. and this

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People to follow
[personal profile] boundbooks: I like her book review, concise and to the point.
[personal profile] coffeeandink: Same as above
[personal profile] oyceter: Same as above

Community to follow:
[community profile] asexual_fandom: great discussion about asexuality.
[community profile] fanart_recs: For the pretty fanart.
[community profile] fem_thoughts: Femslash meta
[community profile] forkedtongues: Language and translation always fascinate me.


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