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I watched X-Man First Class! Well, Professor X is a privileged well-meaning idealist, Magneto is a badass, the movie can do with less fail, but I 'm satisfied with the slash and the team and the Russians are sympathetic. Over all It's a very good movie.
I find a rec of XMen First Class fic (Warning: One of them's title is ableist.) I also see a lot of misconception in the meme (Yes! People with spinal injury do have sex too.)

Racebent!Tony Stark (based on the Tony -is-Vietnamese America fic.)
Lois Lane, Girl Reporter
Why the Best Kids Books Are Written in Blood

list of 250 books written by women that all men should read,
Sex Assault Prevention tip: Most important - don't assault people.
Chinese scientists genetically modify dairy cows to produce human breast milk
Diving bell spiders use bubble webs 'like gills'.
The Periodic Table Expands Once Again
Arabian poem translation: Elegy of Love

Announcing Dark Agenda's Kaleidoscope Fanwork Exchange
Ladiesbigbang sign up is open!

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Movie Review
Angel 's Egg is a highly stilized animated film which creates mystical atmosphere with stunning visual image and music. The world is watery, and people are obsessed with hunting shadow fish. Then a wanderer meets a girl with an egg and change happens. There are really much space for exploration and I would like to fanwork based on it.

I want to work on my bingo card but my mind fixates on writing something like Fringe without the conspiracy plot, 87 th Precinct meets Supernatural without canonical misogyny nor racism. Now I have to figure out the chracters, and how to incorporate prompts. Good luck to me.
Oct. 1st, 2010 07:11 pm

Book Review

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Junot Diaz - The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao
Oscar Wao wants to be a Dominican Tolkien, but more than that he wants love. Unfourtunately there are a lot of obstacles, not least including a family curse. It is story about a Dominican family, of history, love, obsession, and tragedy. It is sometimes sad, but never without a sense of wry humour.

Set in the Heian period, a time when "humans, ghosts and demons dwelt in the same city, sometimes even under the same roof", it chronicles the exploits of Abe no Seimei, the Onmyoji and his friend Minamoto no Hiromasa. The atmosphere is mesmerising, and I really love the mysterious Seimei and sincere Hiromasa.

"Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology" is an exploration of Asian American history and identity through the medium of superhero comics, of both interests me. It finally arrived at the public library system. I can't wait to get my hands on it.
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Pencil and paper rpg games fans love their games, and a number of them love to hack and adapt the rules. The original rule set often serves as a spring board for creativity. A lot of people have house rules for their games and some claim that they can never run a game without them. The hobby of rpg games largely depend on enthusiastic participants to engage with the text and produce transformative work. It sounds like fanfic-writing fandom, right? And these hobbies face the same problems: copyright issues. Posting your twist and changed rules on the internet can lead to a Cease & Desist letter. The open gaming movement is a response to it and encourages the game producers to release game under creative commons license. Seeing the convergence of my two hobbies makes me happy.

Anyway, old movies review.
Ghost in the Shell (1995) - As a movie produced ten years ago, the technology and society still seems up-to-dated, speaking of the tremendous research behind. I love that the city depicted is diversified, complex, rather than sterilized and unified. The information flow of the film is rapid and huge, just like the society the film reflects. The discussion of transhumanism, humanity and consciousness is inspiring.


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