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Kun Lun (What if in 1421, Chinese really discovered the continent we now call America and stay?)
Principle One: A behaviour is caused by desire.
Once upon a time, I read 1421: The Year China Discovered the World. It's not highly regarded by historians, but it makes me think: what if Chinese really discover America and build a relationship with Native Americans before The European arrival? I realize that a lot of things'll change.

Principle Two: Almost all behaviours are motivated by many desires.
I know I would like a what-if that Native American thrive even after European arrival, but does it also stem from wanting a what-if that the early Chinese immigrant history in America can be less bloody? Do I also want to see how a steampunk society can be developed by Chinese and Native Americans? Can it be a response to the Mammoth Fail? Is it because I read that someone is writing a book about steampunk in the Muslim Golden Age? This list can go on.

Principle three: there are three kind of wishes, ego wish, id wish, superego wish. (I will add homogeneous wish from Argyle here).
After a very long discussion and brainstorming with my friend, we come up with the following:
What if Chinese encounter Inca and Maya Empire? It will really shatter Chinese view of being the centre of the world, and printing press may be adopted by the South American Empire government there. After all, book publication in China is sponsored by governments initially.
There'll be different kinds of level of settlement across North America. The West Coast will be more developed, for example.
Local Chinese immigration and built up of settlement will occur, and the gradual contact may give Native Americans the immunity against small pox, fire powders and horses.
There'll be mixed children of Chinese and Native American people, which forms their specific culture.
The technology developed by Native Americans and Chinese together will be so different that we may call it steampunk. I think I read an article about alternative technology Native American may develop but now I can't find it again. Resistance? ETA: I find the link now. Apparently bringing subconscious conflict to the surface helps make an informed choice.

Principle four: For every subsystem, there will be a complement sub-system working in opposite to it.
I think when Europeans arrive, they will find a continent they never expect. Maybe there'll be scattered European settlements across the continents, but there won't be the USA as we know now.
I call this land Kun Lun for now, which is the name of a far East mountain in Chinese mythology.
If I ever write a fic set in it, there'll be a Chinese female character who's the daughter of a female Chinese pirate and goes East to learn science. (Marvel comics fan may recognize her mother as the only female Iron Fist.) She'll probably be my POV character at least at first, because I'm more familiar to Ming Dynasty China. I wonder what kind of friends she'll meet, what sort of adventure she'll get into.
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1. A full minority Avengers series, with Luke, Storm, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Amadeus Cho, and it sells.
2. a law-and-order mystery series featuring a female cast like Angela Del Toro, Black Cat, She-Hulk, Tigra, Misty, Colleen
3. A full out gonzo great action pace series without fail.
4. Heroes for Hire: Monster Hunters.
5. a series full of wonder, exploration into unknown, strange phenomenon without declining into conspiracy plot
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A story set in Islamic Golden Age where the characters do science, argue and have intellectual adventure.

Intergalactic railroad.

A city split into zones governed by different rules. Different sort of reality fight each other for the dominance.

A world that superheroes are literally young gods.

Everything you read in a book inside a book is true.
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  1. a Heroes for Hire/Leverage fantasy AU, where Luke, Danny, Misty and Colleen are a team to infiltrate the evil instituation.
  2. Any Band (cf)/ Heroes for Hire: The Heroes for Hire heroes are a a band setting out for revolution.
  3. Luke Cage is a Pinkerton Detective. Jessica is secret agent. The railway is secretly a magic sign. in Space!
  4. Magnificant Seven/Heroes for Hire.
  5. MA D&Dque soap opera
  6. LotR/Nania. Instead of death, Bohmilr is summoned to Narnia for a second chance.

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1. Steve/Tony,  Long term friend growing into lovers. establish the boundary of the relationship. negotiate their differences and reaching a workable solution. intimacy. clueless/pining. asexual erotica.

2. Misty &or/ Colleen. Hard boiled detective story. Web of intrigue. Crime and punishment. I love Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler and something like their work without -ism is cool.

3. A villain AU that the Avengers are hired to kill an iconic superhero. They are the Earth's mightest supervillains, but they fail. When they escape from the revenge, they find out that one of them maybot be so trustful. Intrigue, action, thirty xanato piles up.

4. A dark comedy that Steve is a werewolf assassain-in-traing whose idol is Vetinari, Tony 's a siren who hones explosion as an art, Jan is a shapeshifter that expresses her creativity through fashion and poison.

5. A golden age adventure featuring Miss America and Golden Girl.

6. A Steampunk Age of sail story with dragons, engineering, alternative history and intrigue.

7. A police procedural AU that Misty 's a detective, Colleen's a profiler, Jessica Jones is a reporter, Angela is a FBI.

8. Steve is a detective while Tony is a CSI.

8. DCU/Marvel crossover. Tony 's a one man conspiracy  inside Lex's secret project.

9.  Fairies, secret military project, revolution


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