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For my information )
I'm always open to suggestions, prompts, etc.
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Kun Lun (What if in 1421, Chinese really discovered the continent we now call America and stay?)
Principle One: A behaviour is caused by desire.
Once upon a time, I read 1421: The Year China Discovered the World. It's not highly regarded by historians, but it makes me think: what if Chinese really discover America and build a relationship with Native Americans before The European arrival? I realize that a lot of things'll change.

Principle Two: Almost all behaviours are motivated by many desires.
I know I would like a what-if that Native American thrive even after European arrival, but does it also stem from wanting a what-if that the early Chinese immigrant history in America can be less bloody? Do I also want to see how a steampunk society can be developed by Chinese and Native Americans? Can it be a response to the Mammoth Fail? Is it because I read that someone is writing a book about steampunk in the Muslim Golden Age? This list can go on.

Principle three: there are three kind of wishes, ego wish, id wish, superego wish. (I will add homogeneous wish from Argyle here).
After a very long discussion and brainstorming with my friend, we come up with the following:
What if Chinese encounter Inca and Maya Empire? It will really shatter Chinese view of being the centre of the world, and printing press may be adopted by the South American Empire government there. After all, book publication in China is sponsored by governments initially.
There'll be different kinds of level of settlement across North America. The West Coast will be more developed, for example.
Local Chinese immigration and built up of settlement will occur, and the gradual contact may give Native Americans the immunity against small pox, fire powders and horses.
There'll be mixed children of Chinese and Native American people, which forms their specific culture.
The technology developed by Native Americans and Chinese together will be so different that we may call it steampunk. I think I read an article about alternative technology Native American may develop but now I can't find it again. Resistance? ETA: I find the link now. Apparently bringing subconscious conflict to the surface helps make an informed choice.

Principle four: For every subsystem, there will be a complement sub-system working in opposite to it.
I think when Europeans arrive, they will find a continent they never expect. Maybe there'll be scattered European settlements across the continents, but there won't be the USA as we know now.
I call this land Kun Lun for now, which is the name of a far East mountain in Chinese mythology.
If I ever write a fic set in it, there'll be a Chinese female character who's the daughter of a female Chinese pirate and goes East to learn science. (Marvel comics fan may recognize her mother as the only female Iron Fist.) She'll probably be my POV character at least at first, because I'm more familiar to Ming Dynasty China. I wonder what kind of friends she'll meet, what sort of adventure she'll get into.
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With Marvel universe's loads and loads of characters, there're a lot of slashable women. However, it 's difficult to navigate between several decades of convoluted canon so I'm writing this as an introduction. Because of sheer amount of canon, I'm not trying to be extensive and restrict myself to pairings I like in the main comics universe, aka Earth 616. (note: images heavy)
Misty Knight/Colleen Wing
Cut for Misty and Colleen )

Carol Danvers/Wanda Maximoff
Cut for more )

Rikki Barnes/Anya Corazon
Cut for more )

Cut for more )

Emma Frost/Jean GreyCut for more )

Cut for more )
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Sometimes you have lemons
By: [personal profile] snowynight
Beta: [personal profile] muccamukk
Rating: G
Warnings : none
Universe: AU
Pairings: Steve/Tony
Summary: Life's weird for Steve as a super werewolf. But pregnancy?  aka werewolf!Steve/mermaid!Tony mpreg, In Space!

Read it on AO3


vids: x-men first class, more and more
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So I write another kink bingo postage fic.

Fandom:Marvel comics (Ultimates)
Pairing: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Title: Talk
Summary: Steve and Tony talk about a fantasy.
Content note: consensual talk about a non-con fantasy

And I get a hc bingo card:

My hc_bingo card )

Scott and Bailey. A Lady buddy cop show. Look promising.

Creepy that don't know it
: If you keep on taking over functions until splitting up could get them killed, that's actually pretty fucking creepy.

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I write a kink bingo fic when I am struggling with my Ult. fic and monster hunter AU fic.

Trade (Marvel comics, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Role Play, Bondage (Others), Tradesman/Domestic kink, Consent Play)
summary: Tony's a bad, bad, TV repairman.
content notes: No standard notes apply


Courtney Stoker talks about Geekery and the humanities.

Cover me. I'm going on Standard urban fantasy cover

Victorian dress decorated with 1,000 real beetle wings is set to go back on display following 1,300 hours of conservation work.

New study on stemming the tide in women leaving engineering. Closely related: Women of color in tech: how can we encourage them?

Yelling Class, about a course she had to take that tackled racial inequality.

Star Wars from a Muslim perspective.

I, too, want a book I can sleep in.

Online writing resources

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5 –If you have ever had a character try to push their way into a fic, whether your "muse" or not, what did you do about it?
It happens to me when I'm writing my fantasy AU aka scifibigbang first draft, where Wolverine and Bruce take over the plot and I let them. I give them a chance to shine, but I give up at last. Lesson: Letting characters taking over plot, especially those you're not partial to is bad.

6 – When you write, do you prefer writing male or female characters? No preference.

7 – Have you ever had a fic change your opinion of a character? No, unfortunately. I usually have a set idea when I'm writing them.

8 – Do you write OCs? And if so, what do you do to make certain they're not black hole, and if not, explain your thoughts on OCs. Of course I write OC. How come I don't use them when I am writing stories that the characters exist in a world? I even write a story that an OC is the protagonist. My rule is just that every named characters gets to be awesome or contributes to the story.


'Til the World Ends is Charles/Erik and Britney and absolutely wonderful.

Empath Sickness

My Ex-Gay Friend. The author of the piece goes to visit someone he used to work with as an LGBT rights activist who is now a fundamentalist Christian and "ex-gay" movement activist. This article is powerful, compassionate, and sad.

Why don’t more jokes die? – The fine science behind what can make a joke fail.

Free eBooks and Archive of Our Own: A Primer On How to Use AO3 for a Non-Fanfiction Reader

copy from [personal profile] coffeeandink

Systemic sexism in sf/f

Nicola Griffith, Taking the Russ Pledge

SF Signal Mind Meld, What's the importance of the Russ Pledge for Science Fiction Today? Don't read the comments.*

Ann Leckie, Wiscon Thoughts 1 This is a multi-part series on selection bias in sf/f and culture generally -- a good 101 explanation.

Kari Sperring, Women and Fantasy

Judith Tarr, Girl Cooties: A Personal History Note contradiction of cultural narratives of straightforward political progress over time.

This post on views of systemic bias held by various members of the US Supreme Court may also be relevant to your interests.

Systemic racism in sf/f tv
ita's How Magical Is Your Negro?
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Lazy (Marvel comics, Destiny/Mystique, bondage(other))
summary: Mystique lazies an afternoon with Destiny.
content notes: No standard notes apply

Movie Night (Marvel comics, Nina Price/Lilith, humiliation (situational))
summary: Lilith invites Nina to a movie night. This is not a good signal.
content notes: No standard notes apply

Self-love (Marvel comics, Destiny/Mystique, mirrors and doubles)
summary: Raven helps Irene achieves the epitome of self-love
content notes: No standard notes apply

I lost my Internet until now so much fewer links than usual:
Link: More X-Men first Class meta: Why's Charles good?
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My new kink bingo fic!
Title: Movie Night
Summary: Lilith invites Nina to a movie night. This is not a good signal.
Word count: 641
Type / Pairings: Nina Price/Lilith
Main characters: Lilith, Nina Price
Rating: PG
Content note: non-graphic animal hunting each other, erotic humiliation, vampire and vampire werewolf as protagonists


In which someone performs an experiment sexualizing male comic characters to the same extent as their female counterparts
How to choose the absolutely wrong person to write about girls and D&D
Refusal to unveil scuppers French refusal-to-unveil trial - Genius!
A gallery of beautiful portraits
oh the Holocaust, will you never cease to stir controversy? : Here is a thing in X-Men: First Class fandom about which I am uncomfortable! It is both a Jew thing and a queer thing.

Jun. 17th, 2011 11:57 am


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So I'm slowly progressing on the Marvel femslash pairing primer. It's very depressing when usually one or both of them are currently dead and a messy break-up with no reason at all is a better ending. I am also waiting for scan daily to accept my membership request to ask about Jean/Emma, Destiny/Mystique scan because I can't/don't want to slough through all the 80's X-Men comics.

There's reported disability fail, Holocaust fail, LGBTQ fail on the X-Men first class kink meme. The cynical part in me is not surprised but I'm still sad about it. Also from hearsay that the mod may not be acting against it. This meta is sadly very relevant.

[personal profile] thingswithwings has made an awesomely critical vid on MANPAIN. (And if you're going "... er, a vid on what?", she also has an explanation/commentary post which is well worth reading! There is also the indispensable Manpain Flowchart. Not to mention Fanlore: Manpain. in the comment. Another post on Manpain.

More serious meta: [personal profile] marina: I want to talk about the white dude from the US who made a film about the lives of Palestinians in Israel where everyone speaks English. Where most of the principal actors can't even speak Arabic. Where language, as a political, ethnic and social marker simply doesn't exist. Erased, along with other things, as if what language is spoken, for example, in an Israeli courtroom, is of no importance.

what it's like being a black fashion model (some stupidity in comments)
a poster of your favorite novel using the words from that favorite novel
怪俠一枝梅 (Guai Xia Yi Zhi Mei) picspam: Leverage in Ancient China
Snow leopard triplets! Amur tiger triplets! Baby spider monkey
X-men First Class: Erik/Charles Recs (40 New Recs)
Walking, disability, walking some more Part 1

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I'm joining [community profile] ladiesbigbang, which should be of no surprise. I'm currently thinking of writing a primer "So you want to ship Marvel women." It will include a brief introduction of the characters, why to ship them, and where to fnd them now. Currently thinking to include are Misty/Colleen, Carol/Jessica Drew, Carol/Jessica Jones, Carol/Wanda, Mystique/Destiny, Xavin/Karolina, Natasha/Bobbi, Jean/Wanda, Jan/Storm, Storm/Yukio. But I'll look for help, especially in the X-Men area, which I have not much knowledge of. I'll appreciate any idea and suggestions.

Types of Horror Protagonist
In hindsight, I regret all that money I spent on DC Vertigo: Africa is ruled by.... what?
More attempts to make copyright law into criminal law
An uncannily lifelike (and cute) knitted cat.
Digger: another fantasy webcomics

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Light in the Dark (Marvel comics, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, body and body parts)
Content note: no standard note apply
Summary: It was in cloud of pain that Lieutenant Anthony Stark saw him.

Play (Kyou Kara Maou!, (Shibuya Yuuri/Conrart Weller, Role Play)
Content note: no standard note apply
Summary: Conrad waited for Yuuri to come, and they have a night together.

(Kyou Kara Maou!, (Shibuya Yuuri/Conrart Weller, Vanilla kink)
Content note: no standard note apply
Summary: Yuuri thought about what was missing from his relationship with Conrad.

(Marvel comics: Ultimates, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, biting/bruise)
Content note: no standard note apply
Summary: Having a relationship with Captain America was like walking a tightrope.

Shower (Marvel comics, Steve Rogers/Tony Stark, Washing/cleaning)
Content note: no standard note apply
Summary: Steve helps Tony takes a shower.

Differently-abled comics

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1) I'm joining [community profile] ladiesbigbang because it allows multicategory submission, the word limit for fic is low (10K) My ideas are:

Marvel Adventures/Robin Hood with Storm as Robin Hood/Zorro figure. I have 6K of it though it probably needs to be completely rewritten

A resources list/primer to introduce my favourite Marvel comics female characters

A Supernatural-que AU with Misty and Colleen kicking ass and killing monsters

Once upon a time, I see an article discussing that it will be great with a law-and-order like miniseries about Misty as detective, Colleen as psychologist, Angel del Toro as PI, Black Cat as bounty hunter, She-Hulk as DA and Night Nurse as ME. Because I'm foolish, I can't find the link any more. With a bit adjustment, I would like this to happen. ETA: I find it now: Law and Order: MU

2) Getting tired of waiting for Marvel's endless events to end, I decide to branch out to read more comics with woman kicking ass.
So far I try:
Girl Genius: The subject of Girl Genius (gaslight fantasy, mad scientists) caters to me, but I need sometime to adapt to the art (Sorry to Girl genius readers)
White Out: I quickly loves the protagonist Carrie, and there's a mystery! Very promising.
Queen & Country: I love realistic spy fiction. I have only read 2 issues bu it looks good now.
Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword: Fiddlers on the Roof meets Harry Potter with a 12-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl determined to kill trolls. Charming.
I'm looking forward to I kill Giants

Look at pretty!
X-Man first Class Erik meta (spoiler for the whole movie)
Hero Worship: Finding the Next Smallville I would like a Night Nurse show.
Simone Peterson Hruda: Reflections on Black Women in Engineering via the Women in Science blog.
List of comics written by women
Geekinspiration of fictional kind
Copyright, freedom and fashion in Johanna Blakely: Lessons from fashion’s free culture.
Feminist comics for kids: I usually find that comics for kids are of a higher quality.

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I succeed in making my first line of bingo in [community profile] kink_bingo here!.

Actually, I avoid the argument about whether to install achievement about unrepresented characters on kink_bingo by sheer luck or being clueless before I claim the achievement asexual character bingo. Now I feel like a coward but......

Well I don't think writing unrepresented characters deserve a cookie anyway. But I see the achievement as a way of increasing visibility so I can easily find more fic of the underrepresented characters by clicking on the tags. And.... sometimes it's nice to have a badge for something you're doing any way. I know I will write asexual characters for the card. But a kick is sometimes I need for motivation to finish a line.

Anyway, I hope more good fic come out of it.

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Title: Experience
Fandom: Mage the Ascension/Disney
Characters: Belle, Esmeralda
Summary: Esmeralda shares her way of magic with Belle.
Note: The premise of Mage the Ascension is that belief shapes reality. Esmeralda and Belle are both mages, from different Traditions. When Esmeralda shares her magic, she's sharing a piece of her reality with Belle.

Title: By Name
Fandom: Marvel Comics
Characters: Nina Price, Lilith
Summary: Fighting in a fantasy realm is hardly on Vampire by Night Nina's priority list, but at least Lilith's here.
Note: She's a vampire werewolf. Another she is Dracula's daughter. Together they fight crime.

Title: Conquer Fear (Dutch Courage remix)
Fandom: Marvel Comics Ultimates
Characters: Steve Rogers
Summary: a missing scene of Dutch Courage. Steve thinks.
Note: It's a remix of [personal profile] jazzypom's great fic Dutch Courage. Go read jazzpom's fic if you haven't

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 I find that I'm in a continuing trend to write Belle/Esmeralda. Well, they deserve much better than what the canon gives them and I like opposite attract pairing. The lack of canon means that I have more freedom to write. And it shows.

Title: Treasure
Fandom: Disney
Rating: General audience
Character/Pairing: Belle/Esmeralda
Summary: Another chapter of Belle and her companions' expedition to a lost ancient city, and Belle discovers something more too.
Warning: none
Note: It's a steampunk airship AU with asexual!Belle/Esmeralda. I try to remedy the lack in both AU and asexual characters in femslash.

Title: Brat
Fandom: Disney
Rating: General audience
Character/Pairing: Belle/Esmeralda
Summary: Esmeralda gives Belle a good spanking.
Warning: none
Note: It has spanking and is still g-rating.

Title: Dance
Fandom: Disney
Rating: General audience
Character/Pairing: Belle/Esmeralda
Summary: Esmeralda dances for Belle and herself.
Warning: none
Note: Another mild g-rated kink established relationship fic

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What I did for 3w4dw
  1. Translation of Chinese poetry: see the tag - translation: poetry
  2. original prompt fic. Prompt: A secret society you would least suspect would actually manage to take over the world.
  3. Chromatic icon set: Sailor Moon (1), (2) , Avatar: the last Airbender , Marvel comics
  4. Cap-im prompt fest: The first time Steve and Tony sleep without having sex

I wrote these fic in two days, in my continued procrastination:

Title: All of Play
Fandom: Marvel comics
Rating: Teenage and above audience
Character/Pairing: Colleen Wing and Misty Knight
Summary: Just another night of fight with Misty and Colleen as monster hunters.
Warning: none
Note: Set in the same AU with Monster Hunter. with the Heroes for Hire gang as supernatural-que monster hunters

Title: Tenderly
Fandom: Disney
Rating: General audience
Character/Pairing: Belle/Esmeralda
Summary: Belle has two love in her life: Books and Esmeralda.
Warning: none
Note: This comes from the fact that Belle appears in a shot in the film Hunchback of Notre Dame. Perhaps I should label it AU.

Title: Memory
Fandom: Marvel comics
Rating: General audience
Character/Pairing: Steve/Tony
Summary: Tony may forget this, but Steve doesn't. (Tony is an asexual.)
Warning: none
Note: written for the [community profile] asexual_fandom comment fic fest prompt: Any Fandom, Asexual character, amnesia

Title: Music
Fandom: Rg Veda
Rating: General audience
Character/Pairing: Sourma/Kendappa
Summary: A happier moment in Sourma and Kendappa's life
Warning: none
Note: Sourma/Kendappa is the first canonical female romantic relationship I read. I just don't expect the sudden impulse to read it.

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1. A full minority Avengers series, with Luke, Storm, Captain Marvel (Monica Rambeau), Amadeus Cho, and it sells.
2. a law-and-order mystery series featuring a female cast like Angela Del Toro, Black Cat, She-Hulk, Tigra, Misty, Colleen
3. A full out gonzo great action pace series without fail.
4. Heroes for Hire: Monster Hunters.
5. a series full of wonder, exploration into unknown, strange phenomenon without declining into conspiracy plot


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