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Title: Just your typical mission
Prompt: Social event - working place
Rating: General Audience
Content note: none

Summary: a superhero teamis sent on a seemingly routine mission, but nothing is simple in their world.
Introduction: The characters belong to the same superhuman unit. It is newly formed and the characters are inexperienced. As a team trust exercise, the team is sent on a routine surveillance mission. But when complication arises, everyone needs the whole wit and strength to survive.

The Spine: There are three acts in the story: the Briefing, the Lair and the Confrontation. The first act allows the characters to know more about each other. In the second act the characters arrive at the super villain 's lair.

The Briefing: Just before the mission briefing, the team leader will go over with the supervisor about the team and evaluate them. Meanwhile, the team recall previous missions they shared withe leader and each made an observation about the leader. It allows the characters to voice their concern and uncertainty about the others.  Then the briefing begins. The team is asked to survey a suspected supervillain 's lair. They are supposed to gather intelligence for further missions, not doing anything fancy.

The Lair: The lair is on an volcanic island on Pacific Oceans. Recent satellite scans show unusual level of human activity and the supervisor suspects that a new super villain has set up home here. In Act Two, the characters investigate the island. Clues on the island suggest that there may be something more at work here so the characters must explore the island. The question is, are the characters willing to trust a screaming marshmallow man and mysterious cave dribbling?

Confrontation: The characters do battle against someone they are not expected to see. It can overlap with Act two to let the doom hang over the characters if you want.


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