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Prompt: Combat scenarios

"You are all junk," Casey said. Her voice wasn't loud, but it resonated in the bar.

"Take it back." A man put down her glass and towered over her.

"Why, for you worms?" she laughed.

"You bring it to yourself," the man said, thumping a fist at her.

Casey docked the fist, and raised her knee to kick into his gourd. She felt squashing soft flesh, and the man screamed.
"Now!" It was the warning before someone pulled at her pigtail. She revelled at the pain of hair torn from the skin. Th she hit her arms on the guy'[s nose. It hurt when she crushed the nose bone. The man relaxed his pull and she turned around to poke at his eyes.
Now the men were furious at being beaten by the women and more joined in. She kicked one on his head, swallowed a grunt when another hit her face. It was swollen, and she felt that a teeth was losen. Adrenaline ran in the blood and she knew that the moment was right now.

"Fire!" Fireballs formed at her hands and she thrown them out with deadly accuaracy. Very soon the bar was filled with collapsed bodies.
Casey walked out of the bar, feeling triumphant. She took out a hankerchief to rub the blood away, and ut it back carefully. Erica was already waiting for her.

"You..." Erica looked at her worriedly.

Casey grinned, swallowing the blood in her mouth. "Go. I'm ready to do magic now."

Prompt: fight and / or making up (first)

Everyone avoided the Eastern Tower. No one was stupid enough to stand between Casey and Erica in a fight. They were not sure they could survive it. No one was sure why they fought, but some people whispered that it was related to the masked visitor who came a week ago. They only knew that Casey was being vicious in the gym ------ even the bravest guard whimpered when she knew that she had to face Casey again. Erica spent the whole day in the dungeon and sounds of explosion was heard the all day. When they saw Casey walking out of the gym, with a manic glint and went straight to thedungeon, no one dared to block her way.
The braver people said they heard shouting, screaming and sounds of falling things transmitted through the door. After a whole day Casey and Erica walked out again, looking completely depraved, and Casey put an arm around Erica's waist. Only then the people finally relaxed and everything was back to normal.

Prompt: rubbing

"Come on," Casey moaned. Erica bit on her lips hard, and Casey could taste her blood. It only got her more excited.

"Be patient, good things only come to those who wait," Erica said with a smile. Her hands moved so torturously slow around her that it could far from satisfyed her.

"Please..." Casey begged. She wasn't afraid to tell what she wanted. In fact she knew Erica loved it.

"Please what?" Erica said deliberately.

"Your mouth, your hands on me..." Casey pulled Erica's head down on her breast. Erica held one nipple in her mouth, nipping slightly and pushed Casey between the place of pain and pleasure.

Casey moaned louder and rubbed herself on Erica, her hands all over her. She only wanted satisfaction, and it was now.
Erica released the nipple, which induced a protest, and moved down on Casey. Casey screamed, hr head throwing back and finally she came.
Erica leaned to her ear and said, "Love you."

"Love you too," Casey said.

Prompt: hazing

At the guild, The Matron thrown back the scroll that Casey and Erica risked her life for right at their feet. "It's disgusting."

Casey could feel Erica tensing. She subtly squueezed her hand and asked, "May I know why, the Matron?"

"It's worthless," the Matron said coldly.

"But we follow all your instructions-----" Casey protested.

"And you couldn't manage to follow it. If so, you should get the enchanted scroll with you."

"You never mentioned it." Erica said.

"I thought I didn't need to. I an wrong," the Matron continued, "I know I shouldn't expect anything from you Conzaigns. You're all worthless." She slyly looked at Erica, "It's easy to know why your mother threw you away in disgust."

Erica stepped forward but Casey prevented her from continuing. Casey knew that Erica hated anyone mentioning her heritage, but the Matron loved to poke the wound. It was lucky Erica could still control herself. "We understand. Next time, we won't disappoint you."
"You'd better. I am not patient. Bring me the dew of Maurian to me next time."

Casey changed her colour. It was nearly impossible to gain the dew of Maurian. The Matron clearly wanted to fail them. "Yes, Matron."
They left for the carridge waiting outside. Only when they got inside, pulling the curtain down did Casey started to speak,"We only have to wait for a bit longer."

"When?" Erica asked,"I'm losing patience."

"I know. But the day is nearer now. You can see it too," Casey said, then she pressed a kiss on Erica's neck.

Erica said, with less heat in her voice. "You are distracting me with sex again."

"Does it work?" Casey grinned.

Erica looked at her wickedly. "Home first. Then..."

"Home first." Casey agreed.

Prompt: Mistaken Identity

"It's very nice that you allow you bodyguard to enjoy with you." the hostess said.

"Bodyguard?" Casey asked.

"This woman, of course." the hostess pointed to Erica.

"Why do you think she's a bodyguard?" Casey asked.

"She's a wizard," the hostess said, "Of course her duty  is guarding you."

Casey asked, "So I'm not a wizard?"

 "You have the figure of a tiger. It is apparant that you 're one of the great warriors," The hostess said.

"Firstly, I'm a mage, only I'm a fight mage," Casey said, "Second, she's not my bodyguard. She's my equal."

The hostess said appologetically, "I'm sorry I make the mistake. Please don't take the offence."

"No offence is taken," Erica said.

Later at their chamber, Casey said, "It's the first time someone mistook you as my bodyguard."

"You're still sore the time people mistook you as my companion. But at least we understand more about them now."

"Yeah," Casey said. She yawned, "Let's go to sleep. Night."




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