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Prompt: coming home

Lost Toys, Finding Home

A.N. I see the article here and want to elaborate it into a mini setting.


Lost Toys, Finding Home is a systemless fantasy RPG setting In this game you play one of the Lost Toy and start a journey to be Real. The Lost Toys may spend their time saving a child from nightmare, discovering hidden knowledge or getting the right tool for the right work. There are many ways for enlightenment. Not many can succeed. Some lose their dream and become cynics. Some die trying. But maybe some of those can reach the destination.

Character Generation (ripped off from here.)
1.Concept. What is your form? You may be a plushie dog, a Barbie doll or a slinky. You can have benefit and limitation given by the form by GM 's discretion. Tell a scene just before you become a Lost Toy. Maybe you are discarded at the production line. Maybe you are the Birthday gift that never catch the child 's fancy. How does it affect you?
2. What are you good at?
3. What is your goal?
4. World: Who are your ally? Lovers? freinds? patron? family? enemy?
5. Adventure. Tell us an adventure you've already had.

the Skin Horse said, "When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real. " But what happens to the toys that never have a chance? Maybe they are born with some deficiency. Maybe they are out of current trend. Maybe they just do not have luck to meet a loving owner. They never have a chane to be Real, but fade in negliance. But they yearn for love too. Some of them have a yearning so strong that they become Lost Toys.

The world is cruel for Lost Toys. Other spirits prey on them, so they band together for protection. The Kept toys are hostile because they fear that they will be replaced. The obvious way is to find love from a child but it is a luxury to many. But they have a dream. There is a myth whispered among Lost Toys, of a land for the Misfit. It is said to be a haven for anyone. A place that they can fulfill their dream. No one know exactly where it is Different Orders are formed to pursue this land. Better die in reaching a dream than slavery, a famous Lost Toy said.

The Way of Warriors
Some of the Toys believe that the paradise can only be earnt by labour. They became guardians of children and other lost toys, fighting to protect and reunite them. It is a dangerous way to walk. Children who want Lost Toys are often vulenrable to all kind of danger. However, these Lost Toys are respected by many.

The Way of Mage
Some Lost Toys choose instead to pursue knowledge to help fulfill teir mission. Some Lost Toys search hidden lore and learn from the elders. Finally they learn so much about the universe so much that they can manipulate in minor way. Some call them sorcerors. Some try to conect with the archtype they are representing and use the power granted to them. They are called Summoners. Others use the power to perceive beyond the present. They are called Diviners. Other Lost Toys respect their knowledge but many are uneasy about  their power

The Way of Rogues
You have to survive long enough to reach the promised land. Some Lost Toys see this wisdom and develop skills to better survive. They believe that you have to learn the rope in this world so they learn to be resourceful, quick-witted and worldly. Though not as shiny as the Warriors or Mages, they are the people to get a job done.

GM Section
Example Adventure Idea
1. Christams time is a time to love. The characters may help other Lost Toys to find a child, to reunite a toy with its child, or to protect a child.
2. A new Lost Toy joins. Show it the rope.


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