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Thank you so much for creating a fanwork for me! I'm sure I will love it anyways, but here are some details about what I like/dislike, in case you like to do your research.  

First off, I would rather receive a work that the creator was enthusiastic about than one that fulfilled every detail of my request. These are guidelines meant to help you, not to cage you. I've requested fic because I'm not confident in my ability to provide art prompts, but I love fanart and would be thrilled if my letter inspired any art treats.

  • Cable and Deadpool
  • Star Trek: The Original Series
  • Hetalia: Axis Powers
  • Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle
  • Gundam Wing
  • Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling
  • Original Work
  • Choice of Robots

General Information


I like stories with: amnesia, action/adventure, alternative universes, banter, capture and rescue, competence, crossover, dominance and submission, the edge between civilization and the unknown, formation of friendship, history affecting the present, humour, hurt/comfort, longing, matchmakers, love or friendship expressed in atypical ways, moral ambiguity, attraction between opposites, outsider POV, people telling stories, people who have each other's backs, people who flat out like each other's company, people suffering stoically, power exchange, people being resolute, secret identity (or lack of it), strong and competent characters, sense memory, time travel, traveling.

Though it seems unlikely, if you have not yet given up on my rambling and want to research me more, I've told more about what I like here.

Seriously, if you go the AU route-- or just in general-- please don't worry too much about making everything fit exactly into canon. I am *not* going to be super-picky about what happened when, or which characters were doing what during whatever event.

I don't particularly like: mpreg, soul-bonding or "destiny" in terms of romance, excessive possessiveness and/or jealousy portrayed as healthy or romantic, "we're not gay we just love each other," first person narration, graphic violence, torture, deathfic, heavy illness (e.g. cancer or AIDS), rape/noncon, unrelenting angst, hardcore kink, self-harm, incest or faux-incest, religion bashing, major public embarrassment, and/or female-character-bashing-- including dialogues like "Don't be such a girl," and so on.

Here are the fandoms I have requested, with prompts and extended details.


Fandom: Cable and Deadpool 

About the fandom: Cable and Deadpool is a 50-issue Marvel comics series with an unlikely duo: Deadpool, a moter-mouth fourth-wall-breaking mentally unstable mercenary Deadpool and Cable, a ridiculously powerful future super soldier with a massive messiah complex.It is a really fun comedy ripped with action. I really like their devotion to each other and how complex their characters are. Deadpool is hilarious yet tragic, a jester to Cable’s manipulative messiah. I also fine Irene’s long suffering pragmatic attitude and the friendship between Deadpool and Weasel very interesting.


Nathan Summers/ or & Wade Wilson

Request: I really like the dark humour, wise crack and action in the comics, and I find the unlikely friendship between Cable and Deadpool fascinating. So basically I want more of the action/adventure, dramatic fight and crack. It is all right whether you choose to ship Cable and Deadpool in the fic, but I will prefer them not paired with other people. The comics doesn’t show mental illness accurately but I am not interested in fic that deconstructs or rectifies that. I will prefer no death, rape and the violence to keep to typical canon level.

Irene Merryweather & Wade Wilson (C&D)

Request: I really like how Irene is the only sane one in the comic and it must be a tough job dealing with both Cable and Deadpool. The comics doesn’t go much into her perspective, so what does she think and how does she deal with Deadpool in her work life, or shows me her typical day in the canon? I also like when opposite people need to work together for a common goal, so it’ll be great if Irene grudgingly works with or around Deadpool to achieve her goal, from finally finishing the paperwork to saving Providence. Or you can make use of her journalist skill and let her investigate something with Deadpool? I will prefer no death, rape and the violence to keep to typical canon level.


Star Trek: The Original Series

About the fandom: I love this show for its optimism and idealism, that the crew are competent and decent people who like each other and work towards a common goal, that it tries to ask insightful questions and explore social issues, and the entertaining adventure and cracky plots, and I’d like more of that.


  • James T. Kirk / or & Spock (TOS)


I really like that not only do they support each other in difficulties, but also they inspire and challenge each other to be better people, and they remain so playful and affectionate after all the years. So a quiet chess match and conversation at the observation deck, a missing canon moment, action and adventure, hurt/comfort are fine to me. Whether you write them in a romance is up to you, but please don't pair either one with other people, and I’d prefer to pretend Generations doesn't exist.

✔ Montgomery "Scotty" Scott/Nyota Uhura (TOS)

Request: I like how playful and understanding they are to each other in Star Trek V. Uhura understands Scotty’s same professionalism as hers, and Scotty’s outgoing and romantic nature matches her perfectly. Any rating, first time or established relationship are fine to me. I like fluff and character moments as well as porn. If you want some prompts, what about a date they finally have after Star Trek V? How do they court each other and start their relationship ? Or they having to work out a workable solution to any problems?


Hetalia: Axis Powers

About the fandom:

Hetalia is a web comics about personified countries and references actual historical events. Sometimes it’s funny, like gently making fun of national stereotypes (like the episode with America and Japan mystified by the other’s choice in scary movies), sometimes touching (like the childhood of Switzerland and Liechtenstein) and sometimes sad (e.g. France and Joan of Arc)


  • ✔ Liechtenstein (Hetalia)/Switzerland (Hetalia)

  • ✔ Liechtenstein (Hetalia) & Switzerland (Hetalia)


I find Liechtenstein and Switzerland really sweet together, with Switzerland as a grumpy protective big brother and Liechtenstein as his lovely and adorable little sister, and I want all the good things for them. So I’d prefer more fluff for them, either as brother and sister or a couple. I‘d prefer no sex though. If you want some prompts, what about a typical day they spend together? Liechtenstein giving a really cute gift to Switzerland grudgingly receives but brings with him all the time anyway? Or a glimpse of them as kids?

  • ✔ China/Russia (Hetalia)

  • ✔ China & Russia


Any rating is fine, and dubcon is OK, but please no graphic rape. I find the history of China and Russia in 20th century intriguing, with them secretly fighting for a leader position but presenting themselves as allies., and I will be overjoyed if you can reference actual historical events. It’s also OK to go just by the canon, because I really like yandere in fiction. If you want more prompts, what about a ficha in his creepy manner? Or they go on a really weird road trip together? Or something based on a cultural misunderstanding? Or if they play mind game with each other? Or Russia expresses his attempts of friendship/alliance to China

Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle

About the fandom:

I love Sherlock Holmes series because I love the ingenious mystery plots and the methodical approach to solve them. I love Holmes for being a genius with more concern and understanding for fellow humans than popular culture credit him for, and I love Dr Watson because he is intelligent and reliable and they compliment each other very well. I love when Irene outsmarts the king and Holmes, and subverts their expectations for stereotypical women for her purpose. For characters that the canon doesn't go into details with, I really want to see their perspective. What does Mary think about losing the family fortune and her husband's friend? What does Inspector Lestrade think of Holmes and his help?


  • ✔ Sherlock Holmes/John Watson (ACD)

  • ✔ Sherlock Holmes & John Watson (ACD)

I really love the relationship between Holmes and Watson. They are both intelligent in different ways, and despite his respectable career, Watson considers himself a Bohemian and likes excitement as much as Holmes. They respect and like each other, and deeply affected when the other is hurt. Holmes even buys Watson's practice under another's name to get him back, and this is devotion.


Any rating is fine. I like friendship, first time, established relationship, unrequited feeling equally fine. Plot or porn are both OK. If you want some prompts, what about an investigation of a mystery, hurt /comfort where Watson gets hurt or related to Watson's war experience, or how does Watson catalogue and updates the list of Holmes's Knowledge? A quiet time together enjoying each other's company or debate is good too.

For romantic prompts, I really love pining and stoical suffering, and I like equally who pines for the other. Identity porn that makes use of Holmes’ acting skill, Stories with reference to gay history in 19th century in London or they spend time together as a discreet old couple is fine, as well as their relationship from an outsider’s PoV.

Gundam Wing

About the fandom: I love Gundam Wing because the wide cast of characters are well developed, and they grow throughout the time. There’s a lot of exploration of political and moral issues and actual pacifism is portrayed in a positive light, rarely found in shows. Nothing’s simply as first seen, with hidden agenda and changing allegiance, and even the enemies are portrayed sympathetically. I haven’t watched beyond the original Gundam Wing, so references to the sequel/side stories will be lost on me.

  1. Treize Khushrenada & Zechs Merquise (Gundam Wing)

  2. Treize Khushrenada/Zechs Merquise (Gundam Wing)

  3. Relena Peacecraft & Heero Yuy

  4. Relena Peacecraft/Heero Yuy


Treize Khushrenada / or & Zechs Merquise

Any rating is OK. Gen, stories without sex, with sex or PWP are all OK. I like that Treize seems to be just an old-fashioned thinking figurehead, but actually is nothing but, and their relationship is full of power issues, identity issues, lies and intrigue and the mind games potential but they seem to like and respect each other. If you want more prompts: what length will Zechs go to maintain his cover? A quiet night together which is actually a cat-and-rat game? What do they think about each other throughout the canon? Something that explores how they both maintain a secret agenda? For romance-specific prompts, I won’t say no to emotional manipulation, skin hunger and “for the mission’s sake” dubcon.

Relena Peacecraft & or / Heero Yuy

I’d prefer the story to be G or PG, and stories with no sex please. I like that Relena’s an actual pacifist with a point and is considered seriously in canon, and how different and yet similar they both are. Both of them are strangers to ordinary lives, with responsibility thrust on them at a younger age, and while they are at odds at first, they grow to respect and trust each other. If you want a prompt: What about their typical time together after the canon? What happens when they try something supposedly normal to everyone else but them (e.g. watching movie, sightseeing) Something that tests and shows their trust and respect towards each other?

For romance specific plot: what is their first date like? How do they realize their feeling for each other? What kind of problems they need to face as a couple?

Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling

About the fandom: While this series isn't perfect, I still like how it hints of a wider magical world beyond Harry’s perspective. I like how characters have to make hard choices to the best of their knowledge, and the most important is what you have done rather than what you are. People are imperfect and complicated and messy, just like the reality, for example, Lucius genuinely loves his family, and the Marauders were jerks. Suffering doesn't necessarily turn people into saints, and may only make them more broken.

Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald (Rowling)

While I don't buy into one true love in general, I really like when former friends or lovers turned enemies or rivals because of difference ideology, and enemies who still care or are obsessed with each other, and I want more exploration of their complicated relationship, set before their split, during the first war or canon time. I find it more interesting if Gellert really believes in what he says, that all magical people are equal and he can be a benevolent ruler, or at least uses this as his propaganda. If you want some prompts: What do they do in the war? Do they try to reconnect? What are they together like before their split?

Albus Dumbledore/Severus Snape (Rowling)

Any rating is OK. First time, established or unrequited are all OK. Fic set before and during the canon time, their afterlife or AU that they both live are all OK with me. I like this pairing because shared (and unshared) secret is key factor in their relationship. Both of them are bastard in different ways, and hide their true selves from the other people, but the canon hints of an attachment between themselves that at least started during the war, and their flaws worked well together. I also find the power issue in their dynamic fascinating. If you want more prompts, Why is Dumbledore sure about Snape’s loyalty? A quiet afternoon that they drink tea, discuss magic and syllabus together? A fic that they both try to get the upperhand of the other?

Original Work

Changeling & Child Spirited Away By Faeries:

I’m always fascinated by characters surviving in an alien worlds and how this shape them. If you want prompts: What do they think about the other? How does the other meet or doesn’t meet their expectation? What’s happened when they first meet? Will they bond or part amiably, content with their slots now or does the child or the changeling try to get rid of the other? Will they work together to figure out why the spiriting away happens?

For this relationship, I don’t mind major character death so you can have one kill the other, or both killed as pawns of something bigger. I prefer the faery realm to be somewhat weird, following rules of their own, but it’s up to you if you decide faery realm to be a relatively pleasant place or a fate worst than death like that in Changeling the Lost.

Princess/Royal Knight:

Any rating is fine! I love story without sex, stories with sex and PWP. Pre-relationship, first time and established relationship are all OK. Het or femslash are all OK. I love bodyguard crush, loyalty kink, competence kink and protectiveness. I love a variety of scenarios, such as an innocent and sweet princess with her devoted knight, a battle couple who works for a common mission, or a ruthless princess trying to get the knight’s help for her to secure the throne, but you’re not limited by my suggestion, as long as the story ends happily and they have a healthy/codependent relationship together. While it’s not necessary, pining and angst is awesome, as well as various form of worship: kneeling, hands or feet kissing as a sign of admiration of the person, public oath, etc.

Queen/Royal Adviser or Queen/Royal Knight or Queen/Royal Spy

Any rating is fine! I love story without sex, stories with sex and PWP. Pre-relationship, first time and established relationship are all OK. Het or femslash are all OK. First Time, established relationship or pre-relationship are all fine. It’s alright to have the queen be a current/past king’s wife, (extra angst/secrecy/repression are nice), or’a female monarch, No femsub if the pairing is m/f please.

I group them together because I love these for similar reasons: court manner, competence porn, loyalty kink and complicated power dynamics. How long have the two known each other? Are they friends, or is it a more antagonistic-type relationship? How did the two become lovers? Do they need to keep their relationship secret, hide their relationship in plain sight or display it openly? How do they negotiate their relationship? Action/adventure, political debate/intrigue, court events, traditions/rituals or just a quiet night together are all fine too.

Choice of Robots

About the Fandom: Choice of Robots is an interactive fiction game which cast the player character (PC) as a scientist working on their PHD thesis: a sentient robot in a university robotics lab, The choices one makes not only determine your own fate, but could also impact the fate of the world as a whole. It is very open-ended about what kind of robots and future you can shape, and I love how the four different playthrough feel distinctive. You can make a killing mecha, fall in love with your robot companion or champion a world that robots rule everything. I loves AI and robots in general, so it's great how fully fleshed out the personality of the robot creation is, and I enjoy spoiling her/the rotten, and I also like Elly and Juliet most out of the human love interest. While the paragraph for PC/ or & The Creation is longer, it only reflects that there are more variation in character of the Creation, not an indication of preference.

Helpful links: Choice of Robots is available on Android, IOS and Steam. For people who want to know more:

Choice of Robots review:

Various Choice of Robots Let’s Play I can find

Military playthrough:

Military/Autonomy playthrough:

Grace playthrough

Disclaimer: my request will unavoidably spoil the whole game, so those who don't want to be spoiled may read away.

Pronoun: I’d like my player character be a her, and the Creation be a her or use their own pronoun. I also prefer the robot companion be a her

Note: considering the lifespan of robots, I don't mind PC’s death be included or referenced in the story, though I’d prefer the details to be off screen, and a peaceful death only, please.


  • Player Character & The Creation

  • Player Character/The Creation

I finished all the playthrough and built my creation with different high stat, so it's alright for the Creation to have any name, body shape and specialized attribute. If you want more prompts, what does she think about PC and other robots? How does she plan for the rebellion and decide to kill PC? More details about the cruise? How does she live on after PC's death? What's their life like after PC joining the singularity / has a robot core installed?

For romance option: while non-canonical, I am curious about how relationship with one's own creation will work. Dark and creepy is ok as long as a saccharide tale with unsettling hints, but I’d prefer the PC not to be outright unkind/manipulative towards her creation.

  • ✔ Player Character/Robot Companion

Show me all the pining and angst from the companion, especially when PC is already in a relationship with others. Why does she fall in love with PC and how does she discover love as an emotion especially when she is decided to be just a friend (my default decision ) Does the PC encourage her to be more independent or does the PC really try? If you want more prompts, what about they going dancing again after establishing their relationship? How does she teach emotion to PC with a robotic core? Or maybe a vacation to the space together.

  • ✔ The Creation & Robot Companion

  • ✔ The Creation/Robot Companion

I love when two people both in love/committed to a third find comfort in each other, and humanoid robot / inhuman looking robot is win. What do they think about each other? How do they deal with the physical assault after the stargazing? How may they find a friend /lover /rival in each other? How does PC’s unavoidable death shape their relationship? Do they adjust their brain and bodies throughout the course?

As you can choose the first batch of robots to be a copy of or the initial state of your creation’s mind, is the companion also based on that? How does it change their relationship if it’s true?

  • ✔ Player Character & Juliet Rogers

  • ✔ Player Character/Juliet Rogers

I really like how no-nonsense and competent Juliet is, (she’s an equal in robotics with PC) and that there’s so many conflict potential. I like equally the playthrough that rebe!PC fighting against her or they work together in the war and go superheroing together. If you want more prompts, how about PC going to more historical recreation events with Julia? Tales about their superhero exploit? What do they think when they fight on different sides? A discussion on robotics and military together? Working together on a top secret project?

  • ✔ Player Character/Elly Lao/Robot Companion

Any rating is fine. Story with no sex, has sex, or just sex are OK. I really like Elly because she’s so independent and artistic, and I also like the Companion, but it’s a pity that the game doesn’t allow a stable threesome relationship, so I’d like if you can find a way for the characters to work it out at least for awhile. I’m especially interested in exploring Elly’s attitude towards the Companion. Is it pure jealousy or something more? If you want more prompts, what about a vacation they go together? A date that they try out the kink of their relationship? What adventures may they have when the Companion explore. her interest in cooking? What kind of negotiation happens or doesn’t happen?
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