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Title: We help the evil
Prompt: torture.
note: inspired by this post.

"Smith Agencey, Casey Mckay speaking," she held the phone between her neck and shoulder.

"Good morning, Amber Slasher. How can I help you?"

She listened intensively for awhile, then said, "I see. you would like a place that have a dungeon, sound proofing wall and enough place for a generator. Let me check the database."

"There are several probable location. Do you want it in the rural area, suburb, or the city?" She pressed the keys and looked at the result.

"You would like a place with convenient transport and far from IST headquarter. Then I think this place in Merryville suits your need. When are you free to take a look at this?. Next Tuesday. I will make an appointment. See you then."

"One of the supervillain types again?" her colleague Hope asked.

"Same old.Torture chamber, labs and convenient transport. I hope he will show up on time. The last one was caught just before signing the contract. Big loss to the business"

Hope smiled, "I see you are selling the Merryville place to him."

"If it's good enough for Chill Thrower, it's good enough for him."

Title: Dance
prompt: jealousy

At the party, Faith looked at her dancing partner under her eyelashes, laughing at her jokes, hands lingering on the other's arm a bit too long, and generally enjoyed herself, knowing that a pair of eyes caught everything she did. She leaned closer to her partner a bit too close, and smiled at the deer-caught-in-the-headlight glance in the partner's face. She must have felt the burning glare too, Faith thought. When the dance stopped, a pair of strong hands held her, "I would like to have this dance" The smooth voice was laced with steel. Her partner shrunk from the voice and escaped, leaving Faith  with her captor.

"Take you long enough." Faith said.

"I wish you could stop playing these kinds of game." Maria answered.

"Why, to not see you like this again? Never." Faith smiled.


Title: Swan's song
prompt: singing
"Have you heard that swans sing near their death?" Lynda made an attempt to smile and said, half lying  on the bed.

Dani bent her waist to help her adjust the pillow, "It's a myth, and you should rest."

"Soon I will rest enough. I'd rather be awake." Lynda put a hand on Dani's arm

"Don't say things like that. The doctor said..."

"I know what the doctor said. I know what she didn't say." Lynda said.

Dani turned her head away, "Lynda..."

"Sing for me, please? I've long not heard your singing." Linda begged.

Dani hesitated, then she asked, "What song do you want me to sing?"

"The one you sung when we first met."

Dani opened her mouth and started. The heavenly voice drew Linda back to the lush green land, the dripping droplets on the flower's soft petals  Dani picked for her, the time they danced, laughed and cried.  Linda joined in the song, her contralto voice resonated with Dani's.

When Dani finally stopped, Linda felt her face wet. She rubbed her face, finding that she had cried without her knowing. "Look, it's all your doing" she tried to make a joke to it.

Dani was silent, holding their hands together. Linda squeezed back.

Title: Camaraderie

prompt: silence

When Gina was working on deciphering the prophecies, trying to make sense of nearly unreadable ancient text - is it a blot or a word? The thing she hated most was noise. Everyone knew her temper and stayed far, far away from her when there was a pointed sign at her door, leaving her alone to the important but thankless task.

Everyone but Peace.

Peace usually brought her book here, sitting at the chair specifically for her. Mostly they focused on each other's books, with the only sound of page turning between them. Silence sunk on them like a comfortable blanket, and they could remain like this for hours.

Once Gina asked Peace, "not to be rude, but why are you here?"

Peace only replied, "I like the quiet, and the company."

It made sort of sense, Gina supposed, as Peace was a people magnet. Everyone looked at her and latched on her for a patient listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Even the priest confided in her. It must be tiresome, at least Gina could not imagine being the secret keeper to so many people, listening so much and know that you must bury them deep at your heart. Therefore she said nothing and let her stay.

However, she had to admit that she was used to Peace's presence, when she once again wanted to throw the obscure text to the wall, she would look up at Peace, and felt her temper leaving. When she was attacked with doubt and suspicion of  the value of her job, Peace 's presence reminded her that there was still a world that affected by her job. In a way, she was no better than the others.

She wondered whether she should say thank you to Peace, but sometimes in the companionable silence, she thought that she transmitted the thought to Peace.

Title: Waiting
Prompt: Hallucination/vision

Xiao Heng was working on the documents on the table when a voice startled him, "Do you think what you do is right?"

He raised his head, and saw the shadow of the familiar figure. "No, but it is what I need to do."

The shadow sighed, "I wouldn't want you to. He wouldn't want you to. "

"But he wasn't here now," Xiao Heng whispered, "and he couldn't protest anymore." He made the finishing touch to the letter. By the time its was received, a devilish deal would be made, a fleet of war ships would finally be built, and his soul would sold out a bit, but who cared? Surely not he.

"Think of yourself. You still have a life to live."

"I'm living the fullest of it." Xiao Heng said, "Besides, I don't remember making you so talkative."

"Your mind makes me. I'm only telling you what you know he would say."

"If he wanted to have a say, he wouldn't..." Xiao Heng couldn't continue.

"Die? It's not your fault, you know."

"It is." Xiao heng suddenly got angry.  "I know the history better than anyone. I know how his position is precarious more than anyone. No generals with a contribution as great as him could live safely. Not with our Emperor,..." his voice faded, his mind dragged to the fateful day.

"Don't think now." a pair of phantom hands were on his shoulder. But how can he not remember? It's his fault. If he had taken enough precaution, if he had done his work and read the mind better, if..., he would have been alive.

"Heng..." the shadow fell silent.

"I think I need you to go now. I need to be alone." Xiao Heng said.

The shadow faded. Xian Heng stood and walked down the corridor to the the familiar room. He walked in, avoiding the traps and mechanisms like it was second instinct, and went to coffin holing his body.

"Wait for me, our plan is almost done here." Xiao Heng whispered to the coffin.
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